by Jamila Pierre

I find pieces in some of the "strangest" off the beaten path, places, and quite frankly I live for it.

I'm pretty freakin' great at finding awesome and eclectic pieces, AND crazy deals. It's kinda my thing (Just sayin'). In my neighborhood there are several stores (some we all know, love, and grew up with), some are 'one off' places that you have to dig for hours to find the best things you've ever found that'll become your forever faves.

One of the stores in particular, lives in an old bank (that was gutted and then later filled with rando pieces of clothing that probably fell off the back of someones truck #ShhhhDon'tTellNoooooobody), under an outdoor train-station, nestled between a Spanish food restaurant and a 99 cent store. I've only been there once before (like 7yrs back) and wasn't impressed, nor did I have the patience at the time to go treasure hunting. But recently I found the pirate in me and thought it to be the perfect time to get a shovel and begin my long awaited treasure hunt. Oh and did I ? You got daaaaamn right *Buddy Tubs voice via Tony Baker*, I found some remarkable pieces?


If you're in Bushwick and you come across a Famous Brand, please, please, PLEASE, do yourself a favor....and go inside. Now, I advise you to only enter IF you have the patience to dig/look through everything, AND that you keep an open mind whilst browsing; you WILL find something epic, trust me. The best part about a Famous Brand shopping (treasure hunting) extravaganza....the prices are outta pocket with the discounting, just outta control reasonable.

Every Monday they have new pieces added to their stock, AND they have flat prices based on a color coded tag system. Some days, everything with a yellow tag is a dollar (that's read correctly), the pink tags are five dollars, the green tags are seven dollars, and the blue tags are regular price (which can be anywhere between $1.99- 24.99 and occasionally a tad bit more....but nothing in there is crazily priced regardless). This system and designation of price to the varying tag colors, changes every week! If you ask me, they've added another unique level to this whole shopping thing that undoubtedly makes shopping even more fun than you've initially thought.

Famous Brand is the happy marriage of standard retail shopping and thrifting, they've found the middle ground between the two and did it in a way that ensures you, the shopper, won't break the bank. Also, they have a points system, if you sign up for their in-store point system you can put those points towards your purchase. What better way to have a loyal customer base, that is equally excited to return, week after week, than to let the customers get dollars marked off of an already discounted price-point while providing  new and exciting options weekly, paired with the thrill of hunting for your finds (which is part of what makes it all so satisfying), and a ticketing/tagging system that provides.....EVEN MORE DEALS?!!! #NotSponsored #WishIWas 


With all that said (which was a mouth full...forgive me, I haven't spoken with y'all in a while and I'm a bit of a chatty Kathy today), let's get into the outfit specs.

A basic black denim jacket wasn't anywhere near my radar until I came across a plus size YouTube haul a year ago, it was a Curvysense haul and the YouTuber had purchased a black and a white denim jacket that had a great deal of stretch (who doesn't want/need that?). I immediately dashed over to the site through the link she provided and to my dismay it was sold out completely *Cries in Spanish*. Months later I came across its sister in a local Rainbow and after I tried it on I snagged that sucka up! I was too hype. 

Periodically I'd check that link for Curvysense...and they just never replenished those two jackets. Fast forward to the present, I decided to put together a look with the fringe skirt and the black T-shirt that I purchased from Famous Brand, and it just made sense to pair it with my beloved black denim jacket. Who would've thought I'd be this into a basic...or several "basics" at once...? So now that I'm stunting like my daddy, for the gram AND in this post...I had no choice but to scour the earth for an alternativeto provide all my fabulous babes out there with.

Well, the joke was on me, little did I know...Curvysense came through with the come through and finally restocked those jackets from a year ago! So the link is down below, for that, you're welcome. I accept thank you's in the for of likes, comments, subscriptions to my platforms, and copious amounts of Tony's pizza from Knickerbocker & Dekalb, in Bushwick; please and thank you.


Let's talk about this here fan-fuckin-fringe-tasic AF, faux leather, tasseled and studded, cross-body. Someone call the coroner, a bitch is dead!

I don't think I've ever, in the history of epic purchases, have purchased something so quickly and without a second thought. I KNEW this bad boy would sell out at the speed of light. Ya girl is smaaaart *DJ Kahled voice*, cuz she bought two! And without skipping a beat, the bag was gone in 48hrs. I've searched high and low for a comeback and for some cute alternatives; I've linked the best reasonably priced options down below. I posted about this bag in my Instagram stories when it first dropped, I can only hope people jumped on it in time. Do yourselves a favor, subscribe to all my platforms and stay in the loop, because ya girl finds some crazy deals and some rad ass pieces, and I try and share the wealth.


As for the accessories, the shades I found at a 99 cent store, the bracelet is a staple in practically all of my looks (I bought it from Burlington Coat Factory ages ago and found a variation of it at NY&CO a months ago...that rhymed), and finally we move onto the shoes; which I purchased from the Buffalo Exchange at the Chelsea location, in NYC, for twenty buckaroos. Some times all the stars align and you hit several jackpots, this outfit is the culmination of that. Happy shopping.

Also, get a load of all that VBO (Visible Belly Outline), take in all this glory...all this jelly. Ya girl is living for it, so should you. 


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from the 99 cents store. $2

  2. Bag from $10 (On sale, no longer available. Alternative HERE, & HERE)

  3. Black denim jacket from rainbow. $13 ( Similar, HERE)

  4. Black T-Shirt fro "Famous Brand. $2 (Similar, HERE)

  5. Fringe skirt from "Famous Brand". $2 (Alternative, HERE)

  6. Shoes are Zara....but I bought them from Buffalo Exchange. $20 (No longer available, originally $70 a link to the page is provided, HERE, HERE, and HERE)


by Jamila Pierre

Lately it seems as though life is hurling so many lemons in my direction, I've had no choice but to try my hand at a lemonade stand....shiiiiit, I might just have a corporation on my hands, a conglomerate if you will.

I've been sick, REAL sick, and with so many things on the agenda, on the got dang itinerary, I'm left, more often than not, feeling like a big fat failure. Moments turn into minutes, which turns into hours, which turns into days, etc...and before you know it, weeks have passed me by with a to-do list miles long.

I'm in no control over what's happening, and I feel like Lucille Ball when she was working for that chocolate shop and all the bon bons just came full speed ahead into a sweet treat pile-up....except ain't nothin' sweet over here. I've had to come up with creative ways to "posi-spin" all the BS, how else does one survive? Now if I could just get enough good health hours to conquer all the other 1.5 billion tasks I've left behind, plus the 2.5 billion ahead.


I finally got my head above water long enough to edit a set or too of images, AND to share some thoughts here on Le Blog, thank the powers that be. So you know I had to come thru with the HEAT.

What better way to ring in a summer's night with this outfit rightchea?


I don't want to beat dead horses, so i'll spare you why I absolutely live, breathe, and die for this dress.....

The jacket is seriously one of MOST perf toppers in my entire collection (which is saying a lot, and if you saw my'd understand), it's sturdy and thick enough to keep me fairly warm when the temps drop a bit...but, it still manages to not only be breathable, but thin enough to not make me sweat my entire life away if the sun happens to be following me around while I frolic all the live long day.


As sassy and fuego AF as I felt in this fit, it was still casual enough to toss on some kicks, and because I ain't no regular degular, I haaaaaaad to throw on my gold brogue styled sneakers, with the pointed toe.

And in the case of the chicken or the egg, I really don't remember or know who came first, the bag or the sunnies; either way, it couldn't have been a better finishing touch.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from a street vendor at 14th street Union Sq.. $5 (Same ones HERE)

  2. Jacket from $34 (On sale, not longer avail., alternative HERE)

  3. Dress from $ (No longer avail, alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  4. Shoes from $10 (On sale, alternative HERE,HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  5. Bag from Targets dollar spot. $5 (found another like it at Macy's backstage store, which I also bought, and I found it on