by Jamila Pierre


I was born to flex (Yes)
Diamonds on my neck
I like boardin’ jets, I like mornin’ sex (Woo!)
But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (Money)
All I really wanna see is the (Money)
I don’t really need the D, I need the (Money)
All a bad bitch need is the (Money)
I got bands in the coupe (Coupe)
Bustin’ out the roof
I got bands in the coupe (Coupe)
Touch me, I’ll shoot (Bow)
Shake a little ass (Money)
You get a little bag and take it to the store (Store, money)
Get a little cash (Money)
You shake it real fast, you get a little more (Money)
I got bands in the coupe (Coupe)
Bustin’ out the roof
I got bands in the coupe (Brrr)
Bustin’ out the roof
— Cardi B- Money

I remember a time when I wasn’t into this Kelly green color. The color green is my all time fave but this shade in particular just rubbed me the wrong way; I used to refer to it as “Fake Green”…..don’t question my methods OK….?

But when the perfect cut to a garment is taken into consideration…you can get away with and fall in love with just about ANY color. This dress changed my perspective on this green altogether, it may seem minor to you, but trust me it’s hella huge for me.


I featured this dress in a bright orange-leaning red, a few posts back (I went on a full tangent in that post by the way), and I’m just as in love with this colorways as I was with that one.


Now, I’m well aware that the temps are beyond freezing ridiculousness, but I really don’t care. I’ve been known to not exactly dress for the weather from time to time, like to call it fashion over function. And to be honest, to doesn’t hurt that I shot this look in the middle of summer; oh the perks of having archived photo sets when you aren’t able-bodied enough to do a more up to date posts.


I decided to rock this dress with a pair of strappy lavender sandals, the color combo is absolute perfection and if this entire outfit doesn’t scream “Where da Spring weather at?”…I don’t know what would. I swear, I’m perpetually trying to will the weather Gods to make the weather forever a cool and tolerable 70 degrees, with my wishful thinking and a slightly inappropriate outfit for the current state of the weather.


And,despite what you see in my highly curated posts here and on my social media, I’m totally a fan of my VBO and have no shame in my game. I often toggle between “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly'“, and “bask in all this artistic photographic “perfection”…”; not to say that they aren’t or can’t be synonymous.

In any event, my jelly is out to play and I don’t think you’re ready baybay.

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Rainbow. $5 (Alternative HERE)

  2. Necklace from NY&Co. $10 (On sale, similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  3. Dress from $22 (One Sale)

  4. Bracelet from Hottopic. $5 (On sale)

  5. Shoes from Mandee. $9 (On sale circa ages ago, alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE)


by Jamila Pierre

Where do I even start.

I grew up on the Lower East Side, what’s sad…..? I haven’t been there in ages, it’s changed so much from what I saw last. It makes me kind of sad. I remember walking the streets of St. Marks, I’ve eaten all of the Ray’s pizza after heavily partying the night away at some rave or concert, the loitering at all of the local franchises; shout out to Micky D’s, Eat fresh, and Taco Hell (at least that’s what we called them….kinda still do).

My style has evolved greatly since then, but I’d like to think the essence still remains. I’m still the rebellious little BADASS I’ve always been, and I wouldn’t change a got dang thing.


With that said, is it no wonder most of my looks let that edge out to play so often? I’ve only traded my wide-legs in for some faux leather pants (especially that of the moto variety), my band hoodies for moto jackets, and my ratty bookbags for variants of unique handbags. The shoes…? The shoes have always been apart of the arsenal, creepers are my/THE slowest of jamz. I actually think I could just own all of that were ever made, by every brand who makes/carries them, but the ones from T.U.K…? Now THEY know how make a creeper bomb AF.


Let’s discuss; the jacket was a mere twenty five buckaroos (get into that ish right there), my moto pantalones were also a steal at $15, the top is a basic and a must from Target, and a pair of pristine creepers were only $40 second-hand from Buffalo Exchange (which is crazy AF because a pair like these go for well over $100 regularly).

The shades were from Rainbow for under $5 and the necklace was from Telco for $3. Now, can we please acknowledge how it doesn’t take much more than a vision and most times a bit of creativity, and thou sauce over flowith.


For maximum drip, I always, and I do mean always, end up either cuffing or pushing up the sleeves of all my shirts and jackets (whether neatly or haphazardly). It’s hard for me to feel intentionally styled by myself, I need the tszuj.

How do you spruce up or complete your looks? Who knows, maybe I’ll adopt some of them. Comment bellow, maybe I’ll even incorporate the tips you (my luvs) give, and I’ll just have no choice but to shout you out for your awesome tips. I spend a lot of time dispensing tips on how to find awesome inexpensive pieces, who says I know everything….I don’t (**clutches pearls**), so I’m open to hear from YOU, because my raging babes out there are drippin’ with as much sauce as I am and I’m dead curious what you have to say. Speak ya mind luvs, speak your mind.

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Rainbow. $5

  2. Necklace from Telco Stores. $4

  3. Jacket from $25 (On sale, similar HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE)

  4. Top from Target. $10 (No longer avail., alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  5. Pants from $10 (On super sale, no longer avail. alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  6. Shoes from Buffalo Exchange. $30 (originally over $100. Choose at your hearts desire, HERE)