Preppy Chic.

by Jamila Pierre

So Beck of, and I, decided to have a "dinner date". I remember meeting her a few months ago during a NYC Shop & Swap that I covered and posted on my blog a few posts back, and I remember thinking how laid back and slightly crazy she seemed. ( Crazy in a good way... relatable crazy)

Rewind to a couple weeks back.

She contacted me via email for business purposes and we mutually agreed to have a sit down.

Fast forward.

"Date Night" Lol. I had it in my mind that I wanted to dress slightly edgy and preppy, so that's what I did. I love that preppy look sometimes, I guess it's the sweater over a button down that gets me so excited, or the "Bill Cosby Vibe" that intrigues me from time to time.   

Style note:  Whether the sweater makes it's statement in print, cut, embellishments, or shine; a  statement sweater is an essential in a girls wardrobe. 

Fast forward to the sit down.

We ended up eating at one of my favorite Thai food restaurants and the conversation just flowed, it was nice to be able to sit down with a fellow blogger, (who has a big enough following to where they may get a big head about it), and actually have nice and normal conversation. She was humble, a trait I look for when associating myself with anyone, and when I found out she was an Aries ...well, well, well.

Honestly it was nice to meet someone who has the potential of being someone that you'd like to associate yourself with, on a friendly level, for more than just one meeting... people aren't the easiest to get along with. 

-Cheers to not having a socially awkward time.-




What I'm Wearing: 

  1. Anorak from H&M's Mens section. $34.95
  2. Wine colored sweater from $19.80
  3. Ikat printed chambray button down from $20
  4. Necklace from Telco. $8
  5. Brown Bag from Daffy's. $25
  6. Jeans from V.I.M. $16.99
  7. Tall tan boots from $26
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg