Snake, On Snake, On Patent.

by Jamila Pierre


I have seriously fallen in love with these pants, they are everything I could ask for in a dark colored pant.  I could see myself wearing these practically 25/8 if it weren't for the fact that I am currently having a love affair with a few other articles of clothing in my wardrobe, that's just too much of a balancing act for me to commit to these pants in such a way. 

Of course I don the the beanie...cause that's how I do's it, shades, and a few accessories. 

And let's just take a moment to acknowledge the fierceness of this sweater......I'll wait.... 




This sweater has all of the elements needed to make a statement, from the leatherette panel that sweeps from one shoulder to the next, to the zipper detail by the collar bone, this sweater feeds my chic and comfy needs to the max.

Not to mention the color of the sweater, this ISH is pure magic. 



I can't pass on pieces in my wardrobe that allow me to think less and do more. I have a need to be able to throw on a sweater, flats, and a printed pant, and be out. 




Shout out to my baby Jackie for being the cutest creature alive. Now before you get all Butt-Hurt about my proclamation, just take a look at the images below and tell me that she isn't the most precious...



OK, if you're still not convinced and are not seeing things my way, I don't know what to tell you but that you need to get your eyes checked. 



Let's take yet another moment and peep these flats up close....I'll wait.... 



I mean you really can't go wrong with a pair of black flats, I don't know about you, but  finding the perfect black flat has been a chore.  

If you haven't figured this out about me, my shoes have to have a punch, I've never wanted a plain ole' black the search began and VOILĂ€!

This shoe is what I've searched for for what seems like forever. It's textured, sleek, and the shape and cut outs make it modern.

These flats I am in love with! 


What I'm Wearing: 

  1. Black Beanie handmade and gifted. $0 (Gifted)
  2. Wine colored top from $19.80
  3. Snake print pants from $19.99
  4. Black flats from Rainbow. $19.99
  5. Necklace from Telco. $7
  6. Shades from Old Navy. $13
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg