Lebanese Please.

by Jamila Pierre

My mother decided to take me to this interesting, sleek little Lebanese restaurant on 

686 3rd Ave (between 43rd St & 44th St) in NYC.

This place was too quaint, chic, and well thought out.

The concept of having a restaurant in a narrow lot, while still maximizing on the space, was just pure genius. what the tables lacked in width, they made up in length, and the seats had cubby holes for your belongings as to keep the space open and airy.

The back area was for reserved parties and the front was for walk-ins., the design of this place was as aesthetically pleasing as the food was delicious and fresh.



The appetizers were delicious bites that left you craving the fresh and robust flavors of what was in store for the entree. 

I ordered the roasted chicken, it came with fire roasted Veggies, a small mound of rice, and a spicy yogurt sauce....which if you know me you know I didn't eat any of that, spicy is not my friend.

My mother ordered the same but with the lamb, and we both paired the meal with some Lebanese beer. 





What My Mother Wore:  

  1. Top from Nordstrom Rack. $30
  2. Capri pants from Old Navy. $10
  3. Sandals from who knows where. $??? 

What I Wore: 

  1. Hat jacked from a friends possession. $Free Dollars, Free Cents
  2. Sunnies from Old Navy. $13
  3. Necklace from CharlotteRusse.com. $10
  4. Top from Walmart. $7
  5. Skirt from conway. $5
  6. Black leggings from Rainbow. $7
  7. Tall tan boots from Forever21.com. $26

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous Lebanese HOTTIE who was our waiter..... 

nudressformcrop2 small.jpg