Comfy Casual: Edgy!

by Jamila Pierre

If I'm going to go to a house party, to chill out with friends, to walk the shopping strip, this outfit is a go to for me. It perfectly fits my body as well as my personality and makes me feel comfortable and carefree. This outfit moves with me and makes me feel amazing! Nuff said.


Here I'm Wearing: 

  1. A skill printed dress from $20
  2. A grey, distressed vest, with rivets and pockets from Forever21. $15.80
  3. Black leggings from Rainbow. $6.99
  4. Tan tall boots from Forever21. $26
  5. Spiked denim clutch from Mandees. $24
  6. Assorted jewelry from a boutique in Soho and the Burlington Coat Factory. $2.50-$7
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg