A Stroll In The Park.

by Jamila Pierre

This day was such a beautiful spring day. It was warm with a little bit of a cool bite, which  warranted a thin jacket. I went with my lightweight anorak in olive that I purchased from H&M a few years back. I also felt it fit to wear an easy floral dress that I purchased from Target a few years back as well. I used to wear this dress to death and surprisingly it has stood up to the "Abuse".  I finished the look off with my black leggings and my trusty tall boots, which is yet another staple in my wardrobe that I "Abuse" on the regular.

I took a stroll with my mother and my most favorite little baby, Jackie (the dog). This dog is seriously just the most special, kindest, cutest, full of personality creature of all time. we went to the park near my home and just sat in silence, just basking in the sun and breeze.

The combination of the temperature, breeze, and spring scent, just gave me a feeling of gratitude for being alive and well enough to experience it.

Floral Print Anorak Jacket
Plus Size Style

Here I'm Wearing: 

  1. Olive Anorak from H&M. $34.95
  2. Black leggings from Rainbow. $6
  3. Tall tan boots from Forever21. $26
  4. Floral Dress from Target circa so many years ago it's ridiculous.$22
  5. Black beanie handmade by a friend. $0 (Gifted)  
  6. Necklace from the wholesale district (as per usual). $5


nudressformcrop2 small.jpg