Comfy Casual: Cute!

by Jamila Pierre

This is me on a casual day just chilling with friends and window shopping, I don't typically go all out if I'm having a long day of trekking the shopping strip. It was a tad chilly out so I rocked a blazer, an infinity scarf, and my trust wax-coated pants.  I have them in brown and burgundy and they both treat me well, while keeping me warm enough to brave some chilly weather and cool enough so that I don't sweat my life away if it's just a bit warm out.

Taupe Earth tone Blazer
Plus Size Brown Wax Coated Jeans

Here I'm wearing: 

  1. A  gold, tan, grey and black chevron printed infinity scarf from Burlington Coat Factory. $10
  2. A T-shirt from $9.99
  3. A pair of wax-coated pants from Forever21. $24.80
  4. A pair of gold tarnished sneaker wedges from Target. $24
  5. A blazer from Conway circa six years ago on sale. $5
  6. Jewelry from Burlington Coat Factory and a store in Soho. $2.50- $7
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg