Pink Leopard.

by Jamila Pierre

When I was younger I was a bit of an alternative metal music listening, UFO and wide-leg pants wearing, angry with the world teen who took no shit from not one person and now...I'm still that same young girl somewhere inside here. I have however put a little sass and class on it, I'm less thinking I'm superman and that I rule the world, and more understanding that I'm a very small part of makes up this world and that I run nothing but my own damn self. It took some time for me to get the memo, but I'm here now. I can sometimes still revert back to a time where I thought I could control things and that if things didn't go my way I would throw a shit fit and a half, but It has definitely simmered down drastically. I am always working on myself and taking time for reflection. I am proud to say that in doing so, I have found a way to tone somethings down without losing all of me in order to make myself more palatable for the masses. This outfit represents where I was and where I am now, a little bit of sass, class, maturity, and rebellion. I will never fit the mold, not because I can't, because I won't.


Here I'm wearing: 

  1. A black waterfall jacket with silver rivet accents from Burlington Coat Factory. $15
  2. A white and black grenade printed T-shirt  I made into a muscle Tee from $19.99
  3. A pink leopard skirt from Forever21. $10.80
  4. Black tights from $12
  5. A pair of black pointed toe shoes with stud embellishments from Marshalls. $29.99
  6. Spiked, skull embossed clutch from $8
  7. Jewelry from the Wholesale district in Manhattan. $2.50-$7
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg