Lumberjack Chic

by Jamila Pierre

Honestly....I don't own very many plaid garments, I could just never seem to find ones that really fit my style or spoke my language. I love the idea of plaid, I could come up with fun outfits to suit most peoples aesthetics, but when it came to the actuality of plaid...or more so how it was presented to me, it just never clicked....until now.

When I saw this jacket I nearly had an aneurysm from all the excitement. I knew that this plaid garment was in fact made for me, and I stopped at nothing to get it. I knew how I would style it the instant I laid eyes on it and I'd be damned if I'd let this sucker go out of stock before I got my hands on it.

It's leather sleeves take this piece from lumberjack to lumberjack chic in one fell swoop, it's heavy duty without being bulky, and the cut of it helps to maintain your shape; over all this is one hell of a jacket that is as beautiful as it is well made.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Jacket from$44.50 (was$36.50 when I purchased it, then I threw a coupon code on you know it's real)
  2. Necklace from the wholesale District: $5
  3. Belt from V.I.M: $7
  4. Skirt from a Shop & Swap: $30 (Originally from Mynt1972)
  5. Heels from Marshalls. $30