Floral Print.

by Jamila Pierre

Floral year around is my philosophy!

I am a serious (heart attack serious) fan of floral prints, I welcome it into my life with open arms and a warm smile.

I know that the print can veer on the side of matronly, which is why I put extra effort into finding floral prints that have just a bit more sparkle to it. 

And thanks to how good last years Black Friday was to me, I was able to acquire this beautifully well made, satin, floral-printed blazer, for an equally beautiful price.


Let's also take a moment to appreciate the cut of this blazer, it flatters just about every shape there is, it even gives a shape to a body that isn't exactly curvy in the waist.


This blazer, as all my Statement Blazers, brings about warm and fuzzy feelings, and though you may not see it...or hear it, my heart is in fact singing. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Charlotterusse.com. $5
  2. White tank from old navy. $7
  3. Blazer from Torrid.com. $38.70
  4. Jeans from Forever21.com. $22.80
  5. Boots from Dots.com. $32