The Denim Jacket.

by Jamila Pierre

First, can we address how I'm giving you a cross between the Under Dog and a girl scout realness right now?

Fabu none the less.

Now we can move on to why we're really here, the piece de resistance , the denim jacket.

Disclaimer: I can't really stand the typical denim jacket, but a denim jacket that has been reworked, reshaped, and modernized....? YES!


I copped this beaut from Target after I had it open in a tab for weeks, just stalking my prey. 

Best thirty something dollars spent....I do say this about almost all my clothes....forgive me.

This jacket is especially awesome because it's light weight and has drawstrings on its interior, allowing you to adjust the waist to afford you maximum shapeliness. I'm all about shapeliness.

All in all this jacket rocks my socks and if you let it, you can have your socks rocked too!


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Scarf was gifted.
  2. Denim Jacket from $31.48
  3. Dress from $17.80
  4. Belt from Forever21. $10.80
  5. Boots from$15 (from $42)