by Jamila Pierre

If you build it, it will come.

This has been my mantra over the past couple of weeks. I've decided to apply it to the weather, even though I have no control over this retched weather I figured if I built spring in my posts, spring would magically appear in actuality. 

I am too over this snow right now, and am seconds away from having a little sit down with mother nature and her bipolar/ skitzo ass.

This weather is the pits! 

Now, what says warm weather more than watermelon...? Nothing!

It's funny because I purchased these ombre pantaloons more than a year ago, and had no idea how I wanted to wear them, until this emerald top came waltzing into my life. 



I just knew at that point, I wanted to be a walking watermelon, and there wasn't jack anyone could say or do about it.

I am in love with these pant!

They are so wrong but right it's ridiculous and so very very me.

I also copped these shoes many moons ago not knowing when they'd make their debut, needless to say they're perfect for this fit right now.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Telco. $7
  2. Sweater from Target.com. $17
  3. Jeans from Forever21.com. $22.80
  4. Shoes from Target.com. $18