Teal Snake.

by Jamila Pierre

My love affair with color, that might as well be considered a full on commitment, continues. In light of it finally being Spring, I decided to ring that sucker in bright. 

Yes, it's still chilly out...yes, I will still be rocking layers... but I saw an opportunity to bare some leg and foot so I took it. I won't go into my adoration of teal, chartreuse, or snake print....OK maybe a little bit. Teal is seriously just one of those colors that reeks grown and sexy, and pairing it with such a aesthetically confusing color like chartreuse is just genius... if I do say so myself.

Chartreuse is just one of those colors you love and hate and love again, which is why it's so amazing and necessary in ones wardrobe.

With that being said, I went ahead and purchased this top in January  and the skirt in February of last year, I had no idea I would pair the two of them together. I barely ever purchase things with rationality as a driving force and I barely ever consider what's currently in my wardrobe, I just buy what I like and like magnets the pieces just find each other. 

As for the shoes, they're seriously the strappy shoe that won't absolutely kill your feet. From the heel height, to the wedge, these little things were a must. My only regret is not getting them in all of the colors.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Top from JCP.com. $12
  2. Skirt from Target.com. $12
  3. Bag from Forever21. $0 (Gifted)
  4. Shoes from Target.com. $7 (From $30)
  5. Necklace from the Wholesale district. $5