Shirt Dress

by Jamila Pierre

Who doesn't love a good shirt dress? If you haven't gotten into it, I suggest you do. They are the most easy going, smart yet casual looking item you could own in your wardrobe.
There are so many varieties and depending on the cut and material, you can really amp up your look or be super casual. 

What an amazingly versatile piece to have in your arsenal. On this day I chose to go more casual, and yes I went for the triple C's (Comfy Casual, Cute). 

I purchased this number soooooo many moons ago and had sooooo many plans for it, and if you know me then you've guessed that it took me forever to finally wear it. I'm just weird and slightly insane like that.

Everything has a time and place, sometimes you have to wait years before it becomes said time and place.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Shirt-dress from Conway about 6yrs ago. $12
  2. Belt from Forever21. $10.80
  3. Necklace from Telco. $6
  4. Bracelets from Fashion To Figure. $12
  5. Boots from $33.60

Here's another one of my fave shirt dresses that I wore during the brink of summer last year, you can find the outfit deets: HERE.