Dear Leopard...

by Jamila Pierre

Leopard is seriously my kryptonite...SERIOUSLY! This is not a case of being dramatic or overly excited for no reason about this print, this is a serious matter. I see leopard and I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Don't be fooled though, not all leopard is crated equal, there are certain versions of it that need to be burned, but if we generalize the print, and then ask me if it could do no wrong...? I'd tell you with conviction, YES, it in fact can do no wrong!

To me leopard is a color not a print, technically it's a print....but to's a color (a neutral).

I honestly own so many different variations of this Leopard "color" it's borderline ridiculous, my love affair runs deep and you'd think I ran a zoo of no other animal other than leopards....ok...and a few snakes, a zebra...and a giraffe. 

I was drawn to these pants because it had a deep dark earthy hue and then when i actually tried it on and cuffed it up, I realized that the inside of the pants were olive....OLIVE!!!

It's these little details that make me appreciate clothing and the people who appreciate including these details in the clothing.

You'll never guess where I got them....Shoppers World....SHOPPERS WORLD! Do you know for how much? Inexpensive dollars.

Naturally I thought to pair it with this lightweight sweater and these gold holographic snake print flats, and as for the cuffing, there's nothing more sexy or chic than barring a little ankle while wearing pants.

Of course one of my cuffs decided to not play nice, and rolled on down. Oh, and for those who know what my mother looks like, I really couldn't look more like a clone of her in the photo below...even if I tried.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from $9.80
  2. Sweater from $17
  3. Pants from Shoppers World. $9
  4. Fabco Holographic Snake Print Flats. $15
  5. Bracelets from $12

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