The Royal Polka Dots.

by Jamila Pierre

I've been on the hunt for some treggings for some time now, i'm still on the hunt for some more to fill my closet with. You see, when it comes to the work place, things can get a little stuffy, a little bland, and a little uncomfortable. I'm all for work-wear...all for it, but I wanted something more comfortable than a standard trouser yet thicker than a legging, something that doesn't sacrifice style  just because I want to be comfortable and work appropriate.

I was also looking for something that can easily transition from work-wear, to a night out, to casual days out, and had a little flare to boot. I own many pairs of stretchy trousers for work, but none as comfy as these, none that make a statement. (Just the basic black and grey)

I can easily throw on a blazer and heels with this look to "work it up", or just throw on some cute flats and solid top to "casual it up" and call it a day. 

The print is fun and chuck full of personality, and the black and white makes for a plethora of pairing options, needless to say it's one of my smarter buys.



What I'm Wearing:

  1. Top from Forever21. $11.80
  2. Sunnies from Soho. $
  3. Necklace from $5
  4. Bracelets from Fashion to figure. $12
  5. Pants from$ 14.99
  6. Flats from Rainbow. $19.99