Stripes, On Stripes, On Stripes.

by Jamila Pierre

I had this dress in my Forever21 shopping cart for a while, but wasn't sure if I wanted to take the plunge. Thankfully when I made my most recent purchase, half of the items were a no go, so I had to physically take my ass to a forever21. 

I decided to go to the one in Union Square...before we go into the exchange of garments....let's just touch upon the fact that I am highly disappointed with the size (selection) of the plus-size section in the Forever21 on Union square......


To top it off, they had no "store credit" cards so that I may put the value of my return on it and buy something online......

I was super T'd off!

I already had so much ISH I had to take care of that day so I had to lug everything home, with the exception of an even exchange of one garment for this dress right here, and I had to try and return the rest at the 42nd st. Forever21 at a later date...

When I slid this bad boy on, it was as if our entire life together flashed before my eyes....has that ever happened to you?


What drew me to this dress was the contrasting direction of the stripes, the color combo, the rise of the neck, and how incredibly light weight it was/is.

Then, when I put it on, the I fell in love with the length and where the built in waist sat. This dress is super casual and can transition into something more sassy if need be with just a swap of accessories...but then already knew that.


I decided to do the more casual thing by adding a lightweight jacket, some brown  above the ankle boots, and small accessories. This is yet another look I will be rocking with great frequency this summer.

Let's just take an additional and final moment to appreciate the multitude of stripes in these images, from the horizontal of the top portion of the the vertical of the bottom the horizontal of the background....yes...yes I know....genius. 

What I'm wearing:

  1. Necklace and bracelet from Burlington Coat factory. $7
  2. Jacket from Conway many moons ago. $5
  3. Dress from Forever21. $22.80
  4. Boots from $15 (from $42)