Trench Me.

by Jamila Pierre

This amazing little trench has been with me for quite a few years now, and it still makes me feel so damn good when I put it on. I remember seeing it in straight sizes for eons before Forever21 decided to make me the happiest girl on the planet by selling it in plus. I remember seeing it online on one of my many insomnia- driven online-perusing extravaganzas, it was as if an angelic glow came off my computer screen (VERY dramatic...I know).  you just have to understand, I had been hoping that i'd be able to find this exact trench in plus for soooooo long, so when it came along I pounced like no one has ever pounced before. 

And my goodness when I tell you it hits every freakin' note, it hits every freakin' note:

  • The print is out of this world...out of this universe.
  • It has the perfect sleeve length.
  • It's lightweight but still cozy.
  • The overall length of the trench is perfection as well.
  • The colors duke, the colors...

Not to mention the awesome deep V that allows you to showcase a plethora of tops. All in all this baby is a win,  an excellent buy, and it was inexpensive dollars and inexpensive cents.


Here I paired it with the same leggings from my "Collegiate Chic" post, my one an only hot fuchsia collared button down, some understated accessories (because let's face it...I'm already doing the most), and my black studded pumps (best pictured HERE).

Oh and let's not forget my newest obsession lippy, Limecimre's Velvetine in Utopia!

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Afaze. 3 for $10 (on sale)
  2. Top from $17
  3. Bracelet from Burlington coat Factory. $7
  4. Floral Goddess of a trench, from $34.80
  5. Leggings from $19.80
  6. Studded pumps from Marshalls. $29.99