Class Is In Session.

by Jamila Pierre

"Style-wise...I really like this girl, but throughout my school years...this girl I was not." -Jamila Pierre

I've always had a sense of style (whatever it was), but I was never really this outwardly femme. The funny thing is I'm still not fully Foo Foo McGee...well occasionally I can dabble if I so choose (if I have an itch that needs a scratchin'), but generally there's still a big part of me that resides in the land of the tomboy. I'm still the L.E.S, Alphabet city bread, New Yawk Shitty born and raised hard ass.  My style comes from a mixing pot of many different east village scenes and is immersed in beautiful dead things. It's studded and spiked up, wrapped with delicate flowers made of tulle, gold leaf, tufts of chiffon, silk, and lace that has sequins and glitter woven into every inch of it. I like to think I am the proverbial melting pot to which I was born into; now more than ever before. 

When I look back at the evolution of my style  I realized how much I missed my old clothes. Don't get me wrong now...I wouldn't just swap it all out (I love my current wardrobe) I just miss the parts of me those clothes represented; I almost wish that putting them back on would transport me back in time so I could relive some of those moments.

During my school years (more specifically high school), I was a huge tomboy (outwardly), I actually loved baggy clothes and how I styled my UFO's and Widelegs, I also loved the idea of being ultra feminine underneath my clothing and in a private setting *wink wink*; it was empowering. 

Now don't confuse tomboy with fugly (though I did have my days), I was still a stylish Mutha *SHUT YO MOUTH*. Too bad I didn't document the majority of my younger years....FAIL!


A few weeks back I purchased this scuba dress from, I honestly didn't know if I wanted to get this one or step out of my comfort zone and get the all white one with the black collar, I obviously went the comfort route even though the white one is lovely as all hell. Both of them were giving me school-girl vibes that I was totally digging, very "Class is in session".

As soon as I saw this I knew I wanted to pair it with a sweater underneath, I also knew that that's how I intend to always wear it...with some type of shirt or sweater under it. Look, I understand the bare-arms movement and I think it's awesome, I just don't do it, but...that's not the sole reason I wear tops under my sleeveless dresses (though that's why I began). I realized how much I love the Idea of interchanging your sleeves like you do shoes and any other accessory. You can change up your look with just a swap of a sleeve just as much as a swap of anything else...LOVE IT! And if you know me then you know I am a layering fool soooooo.....yea. #FallLoversDream #SleevesAreAccessoriesToo

This dress is awesome sauce but def could use a belt and as an added tip; have someone help you zip up, too much fussing could get your collar dirty if you wear makeup.

So I added my handy dandy studded belt and what what would go better with this belt than my skull print sweater from H&M. *ZSNAPS* Lastly, I threw on these sunnies just cuz I wanted to change it up a little, honestly they're still growing on me (be gentle).

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Skull print sweater from H&M. $10
  2. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $14
  3. Dress from $38.99 (Got it on Sale for $27)
  4. Belt from V.I.M. $7 (Similar)
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  6. Minimalist Wedge from $11 (Similar)