by Jamila Pierre

Oh hey there, I've been gone for a minute haven't I? 

Let's address the grass colored elephante in the room, my forrest green locks. Yea...that happened.

So here's the thing...if you've been following me for awhile....then you already know I'm super ill (in the cool  I'm the illest way AND in the actual physical ailment way). These past few months have been a doozy. I don't know how many more times I'll go M.I.A on this journey, but I do know I have to keep pushing. 

When I tell you I've been hella bedridden, that these leaks in my spine are tornado-ing through my life and leaving massive amounts of wreckage....I'm so not being dramatic. But all I can do is pray for a recovery some time soon and continue to make my attempts at life.

In my first post back from my mini sabbatical, I thought it be fitting to show y'all one of my most awesome acquired bags EVAR and this sick anorak with this beautiful sequins patch on the back of it.  I really don't know what could tell the story about how I view everything that has come to pass in a better way.  All the dead things sprinkled with a bit-o-glitz.

I remember watching this YouTube video hauling this glorious skull magic and I instantly had to stop everything I was doing because it was about to be my birthday....and I'd be DAMNED if I didn't get this bag. What made it so that all the stars aligned was that Killstar was having a crazy sale. Please explain to me how I cold pass up this obvious sign from the heavens....HOW?!

I already own a few skull head bags, but all things are NOT created equal. Plus, this one is made of a hard plastic and has a zip  that opens up the top of the skull as if you were digging for brain treasures. You'd almost think that an ominus light would burst from the opening upon unzipping and reveal all of the secrets. 

It's incredibly well made and makes me super happy every time I hold it. But then again....Killstar kills it just about every time (see what I did there *cues snare drums*)

During my birthday week I decided I was gonna make a serious effort to purchase from places I'd always been meaning to buy stuff from, Missguided being one of the online stores. I remember when they didn't have extended sizes, now they at least go up to a size 20 if I'm not mistaken. It didn't take long before I came upon this fabulous anorak with a touch of flare. would you happen to guess that they too were having an uber sale....

You know I was on the mutha fucka *Samuel L. Jackson voice*. This jacket screams my name! All that rough and tumble with splashes of fab, GIRL.

I ordered it in the largest size because honestly I had no idea how it'd fit. When it finally came and I tried it on, I as pleasantly surprised by how over-sized it was. This jacket could easily fit me if I was a 4X. I remember looking at my reflection in the mirror and thinking to myself....I think I quite love how baggy this shit is, and then I turned so that I could get a good look at that sequiiiiiinnnnsssssss, I nearly lost it, SO GOOD!

The week prior to my birthday shopping extraveganza I was like....it's time to pop my ASOS cherry, so I did so by purchasing these too school for cool velvet platform sugar pie honey bunches. I was so excited to see such a fabu pair of shoes, on sale, that couldn't be more my style if it tried. And as glorious as they look and essentially are....don't be fooled, the tongue came clean off the shoe with little to no effort on my first time wearing them.....LIVID!!! But, would you like to know who has two thumbs and is gonna try and repair them so that they can continue to rock em'....? This Bitch.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Bandana from the 99 cents store. $1
  2. Necklace from Forever21. $6
  3. Anorak from Missguided.com. $50 (On Sale, Sold Out, Similar HERE without the sequins)
  4. Dress from Target.com. $14 (On Sale)
  5. Bag from Killstar.com. $45 (On Sale, Sold Out)
  6. Shoes from ASOS.com. $21 (On Sale)