by Jamila Pierre

What's in a name?

My name? My name means beautiful in some languages and God's beauty in others....I don't know boutchu....but I think that's fairly accurate. *Hair flips* But no seriously, I'm pretty into how bomb I am and I in no way deem it conceited even though I do believe that there's a thin line between confidence and conceit. I def straddle that line sometimes but I know when to rein it in. I also believe that a child's name can pave the way for their lives or even just fit who they are or develop into as a person. 

For instance my precious God daughter was named Zamora, it means "wild olive", and I instantly felt that there wasn't anything more fitting. With the back flips she's done in the belly I had no doubt that this name suited her to the tenth power.  She may not know it now, but this will be her moniker for all of her life and no matter the fact that her name is Zamora, I WILL be calling her Wild Olive just as much if not more. I look forward the the path she'll set ablaze, I look forward to helping her light it all on fire. She will be strong and proud. She will be smart and beautiful (way beyond conventional standards), she will be great and I couldn't be more excited to be instrumental in that. AND, I will do my best to take some of the pressure off of her whilst still knowing and teaching her the truth about herself.

(By the way.....I hope you enjoy me doing the most in these photos, LOL)

I dedicate this post to that crazy and little ball of flame. There's so much I want to teach her and help her with. I know, I know, I'm not her actual mother, and I by no means am attempting to replace her mother either. I just really take my roles in peoples' lives very seriously. I believe that with each title comes a job description, and I will do everything, EVERYTHING, in my power to go above and beyond my job description, especially for the people I love. I hope I'm able to be a part of teaching her that.

In this world your word is bond, but your actions speak louder. 

As for this look? I am a sucker for the color green and all of it's glorious and varying shades/ tones (except for what I deem to be "fake green" which is too complicated to explain and I just know it when I see it...I hate that green with passions). I'm also a super fan of monochromatic looks. The idea that you can pair a single color in a variety of shades, tones, and textures, with one another, and it just look phenom....? I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

Also if your're just noticing, my hair is now green. It took years for me to dye my hair let alone green, it hasn't been this color for over a decade. This hair color is my favorite one to have of all time. I find it interesting that based on my astrological sign...my color is supposed to be red.... Aside from pops of the color or a neon reddish-orange, I'm not as into it as my sign suggests.  

Green just represents everything to me; life, growth, sustenance, wealth, vibrancy, etc...  I feel as though this color fits ALL of the moods as well. And as much as I love most  all colors (except for the fake green of course), this one has my heart above all; why wouldn't I drench myself in it.

Remember that thing I said about being extra in my photos...? the image bellow should reinforce that statment.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunglasses from Hottopic. $5 (was on a crazy sale and now it's just on a regular sale HERE)
  2. Jacket from Boohoo.com. $28 (60% Sale, alternative HERE)
  3. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  4. Top from Burlington Coat Factory. $12
  5. Rings from random street vendors in the city. $2-$10
  6. Moto disco leggings from Forever21.com. $19.90 (Sold Out)
  7. Boots from Torrid.com. $30 (On Sale, alternative HERE, there's a sale going on right now)