by Jamila Pierre

Okaaaaaayyyyy, let's get y'all all the way together You know, YOU KNOW, I had to get this Golden Girls realness in my life, right? 

A few months back I just so happen to be perusing the ASOS site and came across this kimono and all its majesty. I wanted to get it right then and there but the price tag made for hesitation. There it sat among the many tabs I had open, for weeks. Why did I do that? 

It didn't take long for it to become sold out, I was so pissed! Even though I knew it would sell out with the quickness once the plus community caught wind, I was still in my feelings about it. And to make matters worse I kept seeing it on my timeline and in YouTube hauls. It just gave me the SUPER regrets. I checked to see if it had been returned (making it available again for purchase) and all I could find was the straight sized version. So you know what I did....? I went ahead and scoured the interwebs for a coupon code (as to lessen the blow of the hefty well worth it price tag), and I bought the largest straight-size possible. I  then crossed my fingers for the miracle of it fitting.

When I got it in the mail and tried that puppy on, it juuuuuust fit me. It went on but was difficult to get off, and though the though and actual physical action of taking it off produced anxiety, I wasn't gonna let that stop me from wearing it. I had found the kimono of my dreams and I refused to let it slip through my fingers.

Literally a week later, I thought to myself, "Imma just look on ASOS again and just maybe they'll have it in the size I actually need..." What do ya know, there it was, in my size, making alllllllllllll of my kimono dreams come true. So I did what any person who titter totters between sane and insane would do, I bought that BISH!


So there you have it, the story of how I came upon this jackpot and how I now am the proud owner of two pricey but well worth it, kimonos, that will always steal the show.

By the way......I really don't need the smaller sized kimono (although I don't mind having it...I'm sure I'll find use for it), so if anyone wants to buy it from me.....hit me up, yes?

Now, let's talk about the feels this kimono gives. It's def a "Bitch I'm Blanche...Ms Deveraux if you're nasty" type of garment. The sequin shine is on one hundred and the color palette holds its weight as well. I felt that the best way to give this piece the space to razzle dazzle was to wear all black under it. I do feel that a nice light denim and a white plain v-neck tee would also hit the spot if I wanted to spice up a casual look as well, but I wanted to live in a somewhat fancy space for now. 


I kept the jewels fairly simple though still sizable, and I threw on black suede ankle booties, keeping it streamlined. Lastly, I went with an equally reflective pair of sunnies that tied in the color scheme of the kimono to seal the deal.

In the upcoming posts I WILL be talking all about my Fall Lust-Haves I'll be doing it in sections (Jackets, Bottoms, Shoes, etc..), hope you'll enjoy the list! See ya soon my foxy babe.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Hottopic. $5 (On Sale)
  2. Necklace from AFAZE. 3 for $10 (sale)
  3. Kimono from $120 (On sale)
  4. Dress from $14 (On Sale)
  5. Booties from Mandee to the rescue. $15 (On sale and no longer avail., similar HERE)