by Jamila Pierre

The Additionelle popup shop was literally the only event I went to for NYFW, yup, I'm not the girl who goes out much or attends too many things. If I can't kill all of the birds with one stone then I don't foresee me even revving up to kill anything....if that makes sense. I was super proud of myself for at least keeping one promise, because this health shit has turned me into a serial plan maker and breaker. I was never this person, I was  a fifteen minutes early, makes promises and keeps them, gets shit DONE type of person, but not anymore. So I have to meticulously plan out every aspect of everything I do as not to disappoint (not just others....but myself).

Had the pleasure of meeting Liz Black (@psitsfashion) for like....the third time. We only get a chance to link up during events, but I'd def want to get to know her better because she seems pretty down to earth and that's rare in this community. We'll talk more about the state of the plus size community on another post. In any event, how fuckin' fab is she in her all additionelle outfit? I'm living and dying for the pants! Camo is a weakness.

And then I ran into Dana (@Whosthatgirldana), I finally got to meet her after literal years of mutual following. It was a literal blessing for her to even be at the event due to some of her own trials (not gonna get into her personal biz up in here), and after everything she looked well and super fabuloso. I had to capture us together for posterity.


It was nice to get to a place waaaaay before anyone arrived; it made for access to preferred seating, first dibs of treats, and plenty of space to touch and try on all of the pieces your heart desires. 


Let's take this here 90s inspired denim jacket from the Additionelle X Jordyn Woods collection, it's fan fuckin' tastic! The color of the denim is rare (as a convo between a friend and I explains), plus, it's incredibly soft and stretchy (also rare). It looked impeccable  with what I was wearing and that doesn't help matters when you're actively trying to find reasons NOT to buy things, but this jacket made it impossible to pass up. I won't lie, it's pricier than what I'd normally spend, but the free shipping and 20% off helped tip the scales a bit more. I'll tell you what though....., I WILL be rocking this jacket ad nauseum, not just because I do in fact love the piece....but because GIRL, this ish was a pretty penny.


Can we also take a moment to appreciate the jacket and fringe combo of the day....? ZSNAPS!!!


I am still on the hunt for the perfect bohemian fringed bag, but for now.....this baby is gettin' me through. It's one of those pieces that look pricier than it is, which make it a supreme WIN!


This day, along with many of the days during NYFW, I found myself feeling accomplished with the smallest of things, more than usual. 


I fought the notion that I wasn't human'ing enough or properly. I fought like crazy to be out and about despite the deterioration of my body (not that I suggest anyone else do the same), I needed more than anything to be able to do this. It was a matter of mental and emotional health; it trumped my physical abilities and/or wellness.

This may be ill advised....but that's just me. I always stubbornly push myself pass my limits all of the time as a huge middle finger to my situation....and then I pay for it later. But it's worth it, it's worth feeling like me again even if it's short-lived, even if I pay for it greatly later.


I finish the day with good eats and a painful (but with feelings of great accomplishment) cab ride home. And like clockwork, the next day (which would've been "Day 3" of my NYFW) I was too far beneath the steaming shit pile of health issues to go to my final event at the Brooklyn Museum.  But at least I held my middle finger up high for two days....right? 

How was your NYFW?

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Anorak from $50 (On Sale, Sold Out, Similar HERE without the sequins)
  2. Bag from Rainbow. $16
  3. Dress from Forever21. $17.80
  4. Leggings from Rainbow. $5
  5. Boots from $30 (On sale, alternative HERE)
  6. The black denim jacket with graffiti is from Additionelle. $  (On sale from $170