GCGME: Adelyn & Vivian

by Jamila Pierre

Sooooo, a company by the name of GCGme reached out to me in early August, apparently they took one look at my blog and felt I'd be a great fit for their brand. They asked me if I'd like to review a dress or two and tell my readers my thoughts on their dresses. I immediately went to GCGme.com to take a look at their selections. I not only wanted to make sure it was my style,  I wanted to make sure it was within a price range I felt comfortable with. On my blog I rarely acquire pieces that are super duper pricey. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you don't have to go broke to look fan-fucking-tastic. When you look in the section where I tell you foxy babes where I got my pieces from, often times the price is pretty attainable, and most things were on sale at the time of purchase. I am a bargain hunter extraordinaire. I do have a few pieces that don't fall within my "bargain princes" parameters, but for the most part....I'm always on the look out for a deal (and a coupon code *inserts winky face emoji*). 

Needless to say; I thought the prices weren't too shabby and the options fit within my style, and to the best of my knowledge, the style parameters of most of my readers. 

Before I continue to tell you my thoughts on the dress I selected, I need to take a moment to give praise to GCGme for their amazing customer service. From the moment they reached out to me to the moment I had my final selection, they were on top of everything. They were helpful and accommodating beyond what I think I've ever experienced; it was quite lovely and would've been deemed worth every penny for the customer service alone. They were determined to make sure I was happy and came away with the perfect dress that fit my dress needs. 

What I noticed immediately upon visiting GCGme.com was the ease of website use and the variety they provided. There was a dress for most all occasions, in a comfortable stretchy material, and at varying lengths and fits. I had my eye on so many dresses that it took me two weeks to narrow down what I wanted. I was told to pick two dresses and I wanted to make sure that whatever I asked for was not only going to be awesomely me....but that it would be a piece that could seamlessly transition from season to season with little to no effort. I ended up with just one for now. 

These are the other dresses I have my eyes on: help me pick my second dress and leave a comment below or in the comment section of my Instagram. 

  1. The CYNTHIA dress.
  2. The ALLEGRA dress.
  3. The VERONICA dress.
  4. The SHIROI dress.
  5. The MONICA dress.
  6. The BRENDA dress.
  7. The BETSI dress.
  8. The AUDREY dress.

Help me pick my second dress and leave a comment below or in the comment section of my Instagram, under the post with the dress options. 

The reason I chose this dress was because I'm crazy for Kaftans, they're so fabulously easy-going; very little thought has to go into how to wear them. You can throw on just about any accessory pairing and it's a look. 

If only the process (my decision process that is) were as easy-going as this dress. The first dress they sent me was this Adelyn & Vivian Kaftan (pictured below), in a 3X (because that is my size in juuuuuust about everything). The dress was far too big on me, I was giving a "sack of Idaho potatoes" vibes.


And here's where their amazing customer service came into play. I emailed one of their customer service reps and let them know the dress was far too large and that I needed it in not only the 2X....but the 1X. The rep informed me that for this particular dress there were size brackets and that 1X and 2X were in the same size bracket, she suggested I just get the 2X.

I was unsure if the 2X would still be way too big (because when I tell you that the 3X could easily fit a 4X/5X bracket, HUNNAY, I mean it), so I asked her if I could try another style of dress just in case the Adelyn & Vivian kaftan was still not working for me. I also asked her if she could send me the secondary option, the Miranda dress, in white AND in black, because I was unsure if the material would be too sheer, thus making the white version of the Miranda dress a fail. It seemed as though, without thinking twice, I had a confirmation email letting me know that not one, not two, but all three dresses were on their way (accommodation on fleek). 


When I received the dresses the white Miranda dress was just as I thought it might be, far too sheer. In addition to the white dress being to sheer, both the white and black Miranda dress were too tight. I didn't think they'd be as tight in the arms as they were (for reference I am a true 3X and that's what I ordered those dresses in), but they really were, PLUS, the belt that came with the Miranda dress was far too small (more suited for a size Large at best). This kinda made me sad because I had a whole vintage inspired look I wanted to put together with that dress.....oh well, guess you can't win them all. 


However, the Adelyn & Vivian kaftan, in the 2X, fit me just right (Goldie Locks on that ass, LOL). I immediately made arrangements to return the failed items and decided to let my readers/supporters choose my second dress (scroll up to see which ones I had my eyes on).

For the kaftan I decided to take it easy with my pairing choice; I threw on these cute little fringed lace-up sandals, and a little bit of a statement necklace. Like I said before, the accessory pairings are endless, I may post a lookbook showcasing just that.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from H&M. $14
  2. Dress is from GCGME.com. $54.95 (Gifted for review)
  3. Fringed red sandals from Payless. $10 (On sale, no longer avail., alternative in varying heel heights, HERE, HERE, & HERE)