by Jamila Pierre

So every year, Boohoo comes out with some primo affordable shit for the Halloween months, I say months because that's how long it lasts for me. For the average  person, the way I dress can sometimes give the impression that I'm "too jovial", too "Halloween 365", to that I say.....well....yea, but no.

I want y'all to know how difficult is was for me not to showcase all of my skeleton outfits (thanks,, it's seriously all I want to wear for a good long while.
I have an absolute weakness for all things bone. Give me a skull or a skeleton anything, and I am here for it, I want it, I need it!

AND, apparently, back in the 1300s, folks sometimes decorated their homes with skulls as a reminder to celebrate life, so cheers to that!

WAIT, wait, wait, wait......not every skull is created equal...I think I've mentioned this before. just know that the love is real and though there are limitations, boundaries, qualifications, it doesn't take much for me to fall head over heels for skull/skeleton paraphernalia. Now you take that mindset and apply it to things like...unicorns, flamingos, mermaids, you get the point, I am seriously all over it, in there like swimwear. 

Saw what i did there? Mermaids...swimwear...? No? Stop lyin', I know you saw it. 



My style is truely a beautiful and wild splash of textured paint on a pristine sheet of canvas, I am seriously everywhere with it, but the common thread is that I WILL in fact incorporate a stud (hence this bracelet you see in nearly all posts), a skull, a skeleton-ish type of something, every chance i get. it's who I am implicitly.

I grew up in the Lower East Side, in New York, during a time when (at least in my opinion) the alternative scene, and all of its subcultures, were EVERYTHING. I sometimes wish I grew up there, in the village, in the 70s or 8os. I'm sure it would've had some more amazing, crazy moments and adventures. Nowadays, the East Village is NOT what it used to be.


I say all of this to say, as much as I've grown and evolved into the woman I am today, I still have all of who I was, providing the light/fire in my soul, it guides me, it shines through every time I put a lewk together. And, I can't tell you what to do....but I implore you, you should try and do the same. No matter the changes, remain you.

As for the specs of this look:

  • The duster is incredibly stretchy and may fit you if you go down a size or two from your normal size.
  • The bag is no longer available at (where I bought mine)...but, there's some other options bellow. 
  • The boots or on super sale right now on, and they fit my big ole ankles and lower calves, so run...don't walk.
  • And lastly, the dress is reeeeeaaaalllly stretchy, I'm a true 3x (22/24), I get a 20 in everything Boohoo, but I ended up getting this dress in a 16 due to it lacking sizes by the time I was able to purchase it. So make of that what you will. Now, I've included some options that can give you similar vibes with either a little imagination, and/or a willingness to slightly veer of the road of mermaid....although I know that's what most of you came here for. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Crown from Charlotterusse. $7
  2. Sunnies from Hottopic. $5 (No longer avail., alternative HERE)
  3. Necklace from Forever21. $6 (No longer avail.)
  4. Velvet duster from $10  (On sale, alternative HERE, and HERE)
  5. Bag from $19.90 (No longer avail. altern. HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)
  6. Dress from $10 (No longer avail. in plus, I'm wearing a size 16 and I'm a true 22/24. Alternatives HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE, .... oh and this exact one only comes in a size 4 and 6 now *Crying face emoji*)
  7. Boots from $52 (On sale, I'm mad because it's on sale now for even less!)