by Jamila Pierre

Do you ever feel yourself drifting into a rut? Or….I don’t know….like life is far too overwhelming with the day to day that you find yourself almost paralyzed with the task of figuring out how to stunt on these hoes on a regular basis?

It’s almost as if you’re spending more and more time just staring blankly into your closet, not knowing what in the actual fuck to wear. And it’s not for lack of options (at least in my case, at least one time or another in my life), it’s just something you don’t have the time or energy to deal with. Maybe you’re running late to work, or you’re prepping for a holiday party and got so caught up in the madness that you forgot to get ready, now here you are (AGAIN), standing and staring into the clothing abyss.

As a person with many things on my to do list, very little ability, energy, and/or health manageability/ #WellnessWindows to climb through, it’s imperative that I fill my closet with not just the quintessential “Basics” in a wardrobe….but I need stand-alone “Hero pieces” that require little to no thought or effort.

I am just about a step down from a maximal-ist as it is, so statement is my middle name and unless I’m legit dying (and to be honest…even then), a bitch like me stays ON. I can’t help it. A common sentiment I’ve come across when I started this disabled journey in 2013 was that as an unwell person, I had better present as such or not a damn soul would believe me. I learned early on that I had to practically wear rags to my doctors appointments as a performative measure….just to break down the great wall of bias these so called doctors have so sturdily built around their minds (and sometimes their hearts).

The thing is, just because I’m half dead most of the time…..that doesn’t mean I am dead, it doesn’t mean that the person I was prior to becoming disabled isn’t who I am still. Jamila still resides in me under all of the rubble left behind by the chaos that ensues once you become sick. I was an active, adventurous, booked & busy, career driven, flossin’ ass bitch before all of this. I’ll be damned if I won’t fight tooth and nail to hold on to that sassy, talented, stylish and intelligent woman I’ve always been just because I can’t get out of bed most days.

It’s almost as if they truly think that all of your fabulous clothes just *poof* vanish or turn into tattered rags, like a scene from Cinderella, just because you’re in need of medical care. The art of getting dressed has such a deeper meaning for a lot of folks; it’s possibly the most effective act of self-care one could practice. If there’s even a tiny wellness-window I’m bustin’ through that sucka and I’m going to do my all to maximize on it. I WILL, paint my nails, I WILL wear that sequin dress to the corner store, I WILL wear hot pink lipstick to my doctors appointment, I WILL rock my glittery sneakers everywhere I go. This is how I show myself I care about me, this is my protest to all the things I absolutely cannot change.

I work entirely too hard to reclaim my time so I refuse to allow some close-minded ablest S.O.B dictate what’s “normal” and/or standard for me. More importantly I won’t let their innate urge to shame me into looking like a fuckin’ trash bag just to appease their ideal or picture of what disabled looks like, especially if it’s something I can help.

This is not to impose my methods onto you, especially if you yourself are dealing with something similar, this is genuinely just who I am and my methods of coping and existing in the world.

Now, you may be wondering where I’m going with all of this baggage I’ve just unpacked on you; though I’m speaking primarily to my fellow #DisabledMamis and my swaggy AF #InvisibleIllnessBaes, I’m also attempting to appeal to folks who may not even have these types of health problems and/or plights. I want everyone to be able to shut em’ all the way down with the utmost ease no matter what shitty curve ball life is throwing you, if you so choose….obvi.

Which brings me to what I plan on addressing in my next post; I’ll be talking more about my go-to hero-pieces, what to look for and why they’re so so so important, for now….let’s just get into this here look.

I honestly don’t know where to begin, every single piece is so completely off the chain.

Ok, how about this jacket? I remember going on and on about it in a prior post a few months back and also raving about it all over social media. It’s a remarkable jacket that was on a crazy sale and I wanted all my babes to get their hands on it. I officially have the purple AND the black version, best decision EVAR!!!

Then, there’s these amazing pair of jeans that I had my eye on for a minute when they first came out. The combo of the rose embroidery and stud situation is EVERYTHANG! The top, in all of its sparkly glory, has a shiny silver thread tightly woven throughout, and I’m just sad these images don’t do it justice.

The shades are a vintage inspired pair that I copped from Buffalo Exchange for cheap dollars and cheap cents (also one of the best purchases ever), and the studded sneakers were purchased from a Macy’s Backstage in Queens for only twenty five buckaroos. All of these pieces fit together perfectly as the complete picture of more is more, which is my aesthetic most times.

When I tell you it’s imperative that I find pieces that give me all of the #Swagu for little to no effort…hunnyyyyy… and believe. So look out for a post to come that will give you a list of some pieces I would classify as said hero-pieces, it will be an ongoing series so don’t fret m loves.

Get your pockets ready.

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Buffalo Exchange. $9.50 (Similar HERE, HERE, & HERE)

  2. Jacket from $45 (Similar HERE)

  3. Necklace from Telco. $7

  4. Top from Target. $10 (Clearance, alternatives HERE, & HERE)

  5. Jeans from $22 (On sale, No longer available, Alternatives HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE)

  6. Sam Edleman studded sneakers. $25 (Clearance from Macy’s Backstage, Alternatives HERE, HERE, & HERE)