by Jamila Pierre

On the opposite spectrum of the last post, THIS is more than likely what I plan to wear on Valentine’s Day. I’m not one to really celebrate holidays like that, nor am I into a designated day to show someone you care, but in light of how many people choose to spend this day, I thought I’d share a look for those who are super lo-key.

This is a lewk for those whose only plans of leaving the house, are heading to the bodega on the corner, and they don’t want to look too too much like they aren’t cuffed (you know…taken). Or shiiiiiiit, maybe you wanna be casual with a touch of “Cuff-ability”, if and only if that’s something you even care about.

I love how the 90’s is back with a vengeance, it never really left for me tbh, and I totally LIVE for any chance to floss out in a 90’s fashion. And when I think of cliche quotes like, “If the love doesn’t feel like it’s from the 90’s, then I don’t want it”, I absolutely think of this outfit right here. Soft, a bit of badassery, and a splash of 90’s love.

What kind of love do y’all want? Do you even celebrate this holiday? Are y’all over the 90’s?

I think my attachment to the 90’s is due to growing up in it and the fact that there was no other time when literally every aspect of life was full of experimentation and exploration. It was the birth of an era where they sampled from every other era prior and placed it all into one. It was the time of the best movies, the best style, the best music. Don’t fight me on this….as a matter of fact….it’s fine, let’s argue.

I’m actually one of those people who is highly triggered when people who know nothing of what it is to be a 90’s kid (not to be confused with a 90’s baby), try and perpetrate as though they put the 90’s or it’s “trends” on the map….** Super-Saiyan side-eye ** ** Cough cough, Kylie Jenner and medium brown lipstick, COUGH COUGH ** #TRIGGERED!!!!!!

In any event, there’s no denying that it was the best of the best, of times.

When I spend time with my significant other, I typically do the the “low maintenance” thing. I’d rather be in something that’s super comf-life, and tbh, I’m not ashamed of it. My plans, especially as a #spoonie (but even if I wasn’t a #DisabledMami with an #InvisibleIllness), will probably include a hobbled trip to the corner store for snacks, and copious amounts of “Netflix & Chill”.

And what better way to make that trip to the stop than a head to toe blushed & plush’d lewk. Here I’ve decided to pair these amazing plush velvety joggers, that I purchased from, with this blush bomber jacket that has cute frilly ruffle from sleeve to sleeve. I’ve legit had my eyes on these particular joggers for almost a year before I finally it the bullet and bought them. I saw that they only had a size 16 available and I refused to let them escape my grasp, they were a MUST in my life….so a size 16 it had to be. I had every confidence it would fit and not that that’s all you’d need for something to fit or work for you, but the cosmic line of existence saw to it that I’d get these joggers and that they’d be remarkable no matter what. Thank you mother universe.

Of course I can’t just be full on casual, right? I just had to pair it with a pop of wine with my choice of tank top color choice, and lastly a pair of pink glitter sneakers. It doesn’t matter how sick I am, my personality MUST ALWAYS shine through. Because of who I am at my core, it’s always #ChronicIllnesButMakeItFashion.

Ya girl is #SickButSickening (ummmm….I’m coining those phrases and hashtags, trademark like a muhhhhfucka)

Anyways, how do y’all plan to spend your Valentine’s Day?

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Rainbow. $5

  2. Necklace from AFAZE. 3 for $10 (sale, alternative HERE)

  3. Jacket from $25 (On sale from 2yrs ago. Alternative HERE)

  4. Tank top from Rainbow. $5

  5. Joggers from $10 (On sale from 2yrs ago. Alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE)

  6. Sneakers from $15 (On sale, can be found HERE)