Zebra & Leather

by Jamila Pierre

Why am I dressing like it's fall you ask.....

It's because it damn well feels like it. It's not cold by any means, but it's chilly. Due to the lies that the groundhog told us, I was still able to get away with rocking some thicker materials. 

I was randomly watching and episode of Fashion Police at some ungodly PM/AM hour, and Joan Rivers went on about her hate for fall colors in the spring, and overall looks that don't fit the season....my eyes rolled so deep within my skull. I will wear what I damn well please, whenever the hell I damn well please, you should do the same.

Look I understand there are some limitations, but looking good and feeling good is subjective/relative. 

Here's a new "Trend", I wear what I want!

So here we are, I'm wearing a fall outfit in the spring, and I don't know about you but I'm loving it. 

Spring is a tricky little sucker, the weatherman gives you some seemingly glorious temperatures to look forward to...but then you go outside and you're under-dressed....

I have a gut feeling that Mother Nature and the Weather Man are in cahoots to destroy me.

The best is when it's 90 degrees in the sun and minus 100 degrees in the shade.....wait, what...? To be frank, I'm over this weather and having to navigate through it's bipolar, manic depressive, schizophrenic, anxiety stricken, paranoid/ delusional...well...ass.

So be prepared to see outfits that will vary with the 50 shades of can't figure out whether the weather wants to make up it's mind.

Before I let you go, let me tell you about this dress. This dress was purchase five years ago, along with it's pretty sisters in varying colors and prints, and has since then earned a place in my heart. This style of dress is incredibly versatile, incredibly comfortable, and ridiculously effortless. It's the dress version of harem pants and five years later...I still can't get enough. I really wish the the store I purchased it from, New York &Co., still sold them but this time in even more colors and prints. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Faux leather jacket from Forever21.com. $34.80
  2. Zebra print dress from New York & Co. $10 (On sale from $25)
  3. Leggings from Rainbow. $7
  4. Boots from Avenue.com. $33.60