Here Kitty Kitty.

by Jamila Pierre

Let me start off by saying that I do not celebrate most calender holidays, I only participate in them due to the importance of those holidays to my friends and family, and who can turn down an excuse to have a party. However, I do celebrate events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc...)

I'm not sure how that makes me sound....but yeah. 

Now on this occasion it just so happens that one of my bestest homies happened to get married on Halloween, this meant that whether I liked it or not I would have to get my party on for that day and possibly wear some type of make shift costume. 

I sound like such an Ebenezer Scrooge of Halloween, I should have dressed like him.

This year in particular not many people were invited; which is totally fine with me seeing as how I like intimate get togethers very much and her anniversary fell on a week day, forcing us to have this celebration two days after the fact, begging the question, "Do we really need to get into the spirit and dress up?"

I try to get into the spirit on account of her wanting people to, and not wanting to be the only one at the shindig lookin' straight normal. Plus she told me that she WAS going to paint a sugar skull onto her face, let's keep that bit of information in mind as I continue.  

I was also under the impression that the other chicas were going to dress up a little as well.......I was wrong.

Flash forward.... Not one BUMB BISSSHHHH did a damn thing to get into the spirit, so now here I am...the only one... "The Cheese Stands Alone".

I arrive downstairs knowing full well at this point that I was "The Cheese" and that I in-fact did "Stand Alone", and when they finally let me in, I was greeted by a bunch of makeshift cat faces. 

Needless to say I thought it was incredibly cute, funny, and sweet. 

"The Cheese" became "The Cheeses", which officially made us a Kitty Cat Mafia.


Meet The Family! 

Sir Bats-A-lot. (The Playful, Feisty Kitty That'll Snuggle With You One Minute And Comes Out Swinging Her Bat, Or Swipes At Your ankles With Her Knife The Next.)


Tommy Gun Beckit.  (The Bedroom Eyes Kitty, She Lures You Into a Dark Alley with Her Sassy Stares And Pumps You Full Of Lead. )


Mama Krysha. (The Strega Nona Mama Kitty, She Posses As An Old Cat All The While Plotting Her Attack On Her Oblivious Prey.)


Jessica The Mouth Piece. (The Innocent On The Outside, Not On The Inside Kitty. She Comes Off Quiet And Meek, But She'll Sink Her Teeth Into Your Flesh And Won't Let Go Until She's Takin' A Piece Of You With Her. 


A look at my outfit. (At this point I was a little bit inebriated)


What I'm Wearing: 

  1. Black bandanna from the 99 cents store. $.99
  2. Leopard print sweater from $24.80
  3. Black Skirt from $10.80
  4. Black leggings from Conway. $3
  5. Tall tan boots from $26
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg