by Jamila Pierre

Soooo, I know I'm hella late with this one. I know the new year came and went and we're about to dip our toes into the middle of January, bringing us one step closer to February, and fast-tracking our asses into spring, the rest of the seasons, and before you know it another year is gone. Most people have made their resolutions (some had the will to stick by them thus far...some faltered at the first sign of an out), but me..... I made no such proclamations;  no such promises that were put into place because we were heading into a new year.  

Don't get me wrong, I don't knock anyone who has. I feel it's important that people do what they need to in order to get themselves through, whatever makes them feel productive or helps to motivate them, and I can only hope for them that they have enough sticktoitiveness to fulfill all that they set out to do. 

Goals are important as much as hopes and dreams are; determination, will, and continuity is of great importance as well. These are all concepts we are all probably familiar with and I need not drill it into any one persons head (at  least I don't think I do). I also feel it important to take things slowly sometimes, understand your path, work more on being methodical and less on rushing through and crushing feel?

People tend to be extremely hard on themselves, including myself (which trust me I work on daily because I am brutal with myself). It's like if we set these goals and don't knock 'em out ASAP right out the gate...then we've failed, we're subpar human beings. STOP IT. You're doing just fine. Pace yourself. Try it again. Try another angle. Try another plan altogether. Even though life is short, it can still be incredibly long (if that makes sense), so there's still time to improve and make it happen.

As for the outfit: I wanted to wear the outfit that my home skillet got me for the Day-O-Christ. I was initially gonna rock this 'fit with my strappy minimal wedged sandals (which honestly would have been preferred and in my opinion much more appealing), but a BISH was cold than a MUHHHH. I opted for my Zara sparkly bad boys because I wanted a pop of BLING BLING every time come around your city, even though there is apparent shine and pzazz in other areas of the look. It's too bad that the sparkle blends with the speckled texture of the concrete and you can't see it for its full glory.

Of course I also threw on my long duster vest because ....hello, this thing is amazing and should be worn all of the time. Truthfully I originally wanted to rock this duster with another coordinate set when it first hit Forever21 ages ago (it was a tropical print set that blew my mind), I snoozed on that bad mamma jamma and lost.

**Cues Adele's song "Hello"** I included this image so that you could partake in some humor with me. You gotta know I don't take myself this seriously right....? I think it's super funny going through some of these photos in post production, sometimes I'm like "OK, I see you Jamila, Werk!!", and other times I'm like, "....Reign it in Jamila.....reign it in.", LMFAO

Aside from the wind and staring into the abyss which contributed greatly towards my "Hello-effect", I think the overall feels of the post come through...right?

Truth be told I really don't like that song **GASPS**!!!

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from the wholesale district. $8
  2. Long-lined vest from $19.90 ??? (Similar HERE)
  3. Coordinate set from, Top / Bottom (Gifted)
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Glitter shoes from $50 (Gifted)