Grandma What Big Teeth You Have...

by Jamila Pierre

I am well aware that this is entirely a fall outfit, however, I felt the need to do a post sooner than later discussing my love for my newest custom piece, by designer Erica Walcott (of Erica Walcott NY). 

Erica contacted the head of Manik Mag (Selina Weeks) to find her a photographer to photograph her new "Everyday Collection". Selina then contacted me and as a team of three, we came up with a barter that I couldn't be happier with. 


There were three custom pieces made that I specifically requested, this was one of them. 

My inspiration was none other than the denim jacket with the over-sized hood. I wanted that jacket sooooo bad but couldn't find it in my size...DRATS!!

So naturally, I took advantage of this moment to have the designer make me an inspired piece, but added unique touches so that it wouldn't be a carbon copy.


I wanted the jacket/coat to have drama, I wanted the over-sized hood to be ridiculous, I wanted the material to be unique, I wanted it to make an entrance before I did, and Erica Walcott delivered. The concept was "mine" but she helped me realize it, she made what was in my brain....a reality. I wanted a modernized little red riding hood on crack.

I do plan on adding some extra touches of "Jamila" to it, like studs....because come wouldn't be me if I didn't.

The jacket has drawstrings but when I got home a light switch went on, I decided a belt would be the way to go...and I knew just which belt too. 

This belt is seriously one of the best belts I've ever had in life. I bought it from Forever21 eons ago, but it has been my go to for many of my outfits. 


I love everything about this jacket, from the over-sized hood to the reversed high-lo cut, to the bright lining, and the superbly constructed over-sized pockets...this ISH is everything. 

Of course I had to hit ya with dramatic pose..(who do I think I am?)How else were you gonna be able to see what I was wearing underneath...? LMAO!

Underneath the jacket I went simple and classic. I paired a black tank with one of my newer purchases from the most recent Shop & Swap I attended. I threw on my studded-heel pumps and a gaudy necklace and viola!


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Jacket is custom by designer Erica Walcott. (Valued at $180)
  2. Tank top is from Oldnavy. $7
  3. Skirt from this years Shop & Swap. $30
  4. Studded pumps from Marshalls. $29.99
  5. Necklace from AFAZE. $3
  6. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7