On The Rise.

by Jamila Pierre

When Vogue Italia/ Harper's Bazaar stylist Berthold Jean-Charles invited me to the, "On The Rise Curated Pop-Up Shop", event this past Saturday, of course I had to invite my peoples. (If you know me well... you know I have very few peoples)

My home skillet and I made our way to the Lower East Side to get our mingle on, to take a peek at what these emerging brands had to offer, and to drink a little bubbly. 

Now earlier in the day I was feeling like ultra crap due to back pains and general discomforts all over my body, so I'll be honest, my ass was fittna go absolutely nowhere...but I pulled it together last minute, got dressed and lugged myself there.

When it came to attire I decided to wear the most comfortable, yet somewhat amped, outfit possible. 

Not to mention it was a little bit brick outside, which I wasn't feeling.

So I wore my sequin sleeved anorak, a basic 3/4 sleeve top, a statement necklace, a cream colored rosette skirt, leggings, my trusty taupe boots, and my black and cream little bag to tie it all in. 

I also brought my chevron printed shimmery scarf for the late hour chilly-weather.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Statement necklace from H&M. $12
  2. Top from Oldnavy.com. $10
  3. Rosette Skirt from Forever21.com. $19.80
  4. Anorak from Wetseal.com. $15 (on sale from $44)
  5. Leggings from Rainbow. $7
  6. Boots from Dots.com. $32 (Currently closed down)
  7. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  8. Bag from Rainbow. $27 
  9. Scarf from Burlington Coat Factory. $10

My homie kept it simple but cute in her burgundy skinnies, black peplum top, and her distressed shearling jacket.

What She's Wearing:

  1. Scarf. (Gifted)
  2. Jacket from Asos.com. $30 (on sale from one million dollars)
  3. Jeans from H&M. $24.95
  4. Boots from Macy's. $???
  5. Bag from Rainbow. $24
  6. Top from JCP.com. $20

Ran into Berthold Jean-Charles at the event, of course...

Angelica and I took the opportunity to act foolish with some of the pieces.

( I look far more deranged than she.)

And of course, Berthold wanted me to take a few images of him on his night.

Overall, I had a good time, drank the bubblies, at some treats that they provided, made some new connections, and was happy I dragged my butt out of my house to attend this event.