Working Girl: Paint by Numbers

by Jamila Pierre

I truly don't know who the star of the show is, my Torrid blazer or my Target black and white shirt dress. I love this shirt dress for so many reasons, just to name a few, the color combo is something you really can't go wrong with, it easily transitions from work-wear to play-wear with just a simple switch of accessories, and most importantly it is just plain old easy to put on and go. Can't be bothered to think about an outfit today...slip this baby on and you're out the door, woke up with only ten minutes to spare before you need to be on that train to get to work...slip this baby on and go, can't look like a bum for work and all your clothes are in the wash...slip this baby on and go, heading out on a night out on the town after work...pack some heels and slip this baby on and go.

This is why I like shirt dresses. 

With this super easy dress, that it might as well be called a paint by numbers dress, you can be present without being present if need be. 

Then there's the traditional black blazer, it's just something you can throw over just about anything and class that ISH up.  Blazers have become a staple in my wardrobe and I don't think I will be able to not have them and continue to expand on this item for years to come. They come in so many styles, colors, prints, and patterns.

It hurts my soul that I can't have them all!

Between the a shirt-dress and a blazer, I don't know which I love more or find to be easier to throw on to make an outfit work.  

The first image below, which my fellow creative soul Angelica Vanessa took of me, I look a bit moody because I had a long day at work and wasn't entirely feeling the day...excuse the face.



By the second image I had somewhat perked up because I was about to shop, and what  brings more joy to woman than shopping?  

IMG_1930 copy.jpg

What I wore: 

  1. Black blazer from $58.50 (Gifted)
  2. Black and White shirt-dress from $29.99
  3. Necklace from the wholesale district. $3.50
  4. Black tank from OldNavy circa one million years ago. $3
  5. Belt from a store in Brooklyn called V.I.M. $10
  6. Black skull embossed bookbag from $?? 
  7. Boots from $26
  8. Leggings from Rainbow. $7
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg