Fierce Giraffe.

by Jamila Pierre

As much as I love leopard print, (and if you don't believe me when I say that I love leopard print just you wait and see), my all time favorite print is that of a giraffe. It's sad that this print isn't given as much time to shine as does its fellow print, which is  leopard, because it is just so damn elegant and sophisticated.

Message to retailers and the designers who market what's in a stores Lookbook: Please, please, please let this print take center stage more often...the world needs it. 

Giraffe Print Cardigan
Plus size Prints

Here I'm wearing: 

  1. An orange necklace from the wholesale district. $2
  2. A black tank from Old Navy. $12
  3. A black skirt from Forever21. $10.80
  4. Black tights from $12
  5. Black Rocket Dog shoes from Marshalls. $19.99
  6. And the piece de resistance, a giraffe print cardigan from Forever21 circa four years ago. $22.80
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What I'm Loving in the stores. (Shoes and Bags)

by Jamila Pierre

Can I just say that the store Strawberry is really doing great things right now. After a grueling five hours of waiting to be interviewed for this new position I applied for and finally being done with it all, I stepped outside of the building where it was being held and to my excitement there was a Strawberry right across the street.  I am a big fan of strawberry, even though they don't have a plus size range to my knowledge anywhere in the city except for their 34th street branch, they do however have a great selection of shoes and bags at every location. These are just a few that are in stores now that are making me super excited and ready to max out my card. All I have to say is DON'T sleep on Strawberry because they have unique styles for reasonable prices with great sales as well. Happy shopping Ladies!

Strawberry Clothing Store
Strawberry Clothing Store
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