by Jamila Pierre

Lord when I tell you, to get this Lookbook done was a trip and a half.....

The concept behind it was one I wanted and had in mind for a long time. I would always have mini Lookbooks play out in my head to the tune of whatever was blaring through my headphones at the moment. And even with all that went into this Lookbook, how much I LOVE it and am proud, it still doesn't exactly look like the wild and crazy that lives in my imagination.

I partially blame myself for not being able to fully articulate the crazy (verbally or otherwise), but DAMN IT if this Lookbook isn't FIYAH though! 

I know we're heading into winter full speed ahead...but I don't care, because most of these looks will probably be worn then too...so watch and enjoy!


-Blazer from Torrid
-Necklace from AFAZE
-Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory
-Top from Tillys.com
-Jeans from Target
-Boots from Charlotterusse.com


-Jacket from Reminiscence
-Skull tunic from Yesstyle.com
-Vest from Forever21
-Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory
-Rings from wholesale district
-Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory
-Leggings from Rainbow
-Boots from Charlotterusse.com


-Sunnies from Joyce Leslie
-Jacket from FashionToFigure.com
-Top from Target.com
-Necklace from wholesale district
-Jeans from Forever21.com
-Belt from V.I.M
-Boots from Charlotterusse.com


-Hat from Wetseal.com
-Long vest from H&M
-Dress from Forever21.com
-Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory
-Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory
-Rings from wholesale district and street vendors (except the gold plated crystal one, it was made by me)
-Bag from a boutique in NYC
-Boots from Avenue.com

(Below is the behind the scenes of this Lookbook and some of the foolishness that went on during. It's a short clip but...)

Towards the end I was so spent, I live with a chronic illness that doesn't really allow me to over exert myself, to be super mobile, or to barely do what I did for this video...for this blog even, but I was gonna be damned if I wouldn't make this here video. 

It was shot in the dead of July with the heat just thick and nagging, my headache and spine situation was on straight stupidity, but I actually enjoyed myself through all of the pain and literal sweat beads. I was out of commission for like a week or so but it was worth it.