Fake Socialite.

by Jamila Pierre

In a world where status is "everythang", where the number of likes/followers disillusions people into thinking that it speaks to the kind of person they are, one must regularly check themselves...bring themselves back down to earth so that they may firmly plant their feet on the ground. This world is filled with megalomaniacs and it's easy for most to fall into the rabbit hole of narcissism, it's everyone's responsibility to try and steer clear of that type of behavior. 

Though I'm not here for this type of personality, I can completely understand that it takes a certain type of person to be "famous" most of the time, I am aware that this personality trait can have some semblance of positivity behind it, propelling someone into greatness, pushing people forward. But I feel that people need to make the effort to find a better way to reach the top, People need to be earnest, humble, kind, open, and no matter what society will have you believe....the nice guy doesn't always finish last. Slow motion is better than no motion. 

"Humility is the most beautiful thing you could ever adorn your life with." -Me

Honestly, I wish more people were just normal. I know the old adage goes, "There  is no such thing as normal.", and I know that people will think that I am encouraging mediocrity....I assure you I am not. Despite the stigma when it comes to the term "Normal", there really isn't anything wrong with it. I encourage greatness, I encourage diversity, creativity, and cultivation of God-given talent, so what (You may ask) do I mean by "Be Normal"? I am mostly just addressing ones persona. 

Is there a way to be extraordinary, without being a total....well....ass?

What would happen if someone took this popularity and instead of feeding their insecurities with desperate shows of " I need attention", and turned around and did something positive with it. 

This brings me to Curtis Bryant, of Fake Socialite NYC. He generated a large following, rarely, if ever, boasts about himself, and did his best to make a positive movement addressing wackness behind the idea of "socialite", and "elitism".

I met Curtis last year and did a photo-shoot for his T-Shirt line, of course he gave me one of his T-shirts as token of appreciation and so that I may rep the movement that I am 100% here for.

If you want to read more about him, how we met, and wish to purchase any of his pieces to show support for the movement, {CLICK HERE}

Now for the outfit! 

When I think socialite I think glitz/chic, so I paired this Tee with a pair of sequins shorts, a crisp white blazer, pumps, and my handy dandy sunnies. Even though I love to accessorize like no other, I didn't want to overdo the look this time around, so I went with a subdued clear chain bracelet, and a white chain necklace. 

  1. Sunnies from  SoHo. $5
  2. T-Shirt from FSNYC. $25
  3. White Blazer from Target.com. $34.99
  4. Sequin shorts from forever21.com. $19.80
  5. Kitten heels from NineWest.com. $29.99
  6. Bracelet from forever21. $4.80
  7. Necklace from Forever21. $11.80