by Jamila Pierre

Hi, my name is Jamila, and church lady aesthetic is a thing I find myself gravitating towards from time to time. 

I go through these phases; I'm a business man, a woodland creature, a goth, a mermaid, a biker, a raver, a fairy, a church lady, thotimus prime, etc...

Sometimes I blend them all together.

I can't understand a world where a person would only want to play one character. It's like...I feel the most me when I'm expertly concocting new combinations, when I'm able to let multiple sides of myself come out to play.

I call this look; church-lady, meets woodland creature, meets edgy-femme, meets sporty AF.


I actually own a few pleated skirts, but when I saw this one on, I was liiiike .....YOINKS! Add to cart. Get in my life. Give me life...resuscitate ME.

I've also been extremely into mauve and blush tones for a super long minute and a half. Isn't it great when the things you already love (OH so much) become trendy. It's like yaaassssssss, more for me. 

I have this same lightweight suedette moto in a camel color as well,  it is equally as awesome. And, when the aesthetic is church with major sassiffrass....there's nothing more suiting than a metallic midi-length pleated skirt (metallic pleats on fleek), and a moto jacketta. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Headband from Rainbow. $2-$4 (Something cute that'll go with the other alternatives below, HERE)
  2. Blush moto jacket from $20 (On Sale, similar HERE that best matches the alternate color of the dress)
  3. Tank top from Rainbow. $7
  4. Necklace from $6
  5. Metalic pleated skirt from $33.50 (Sale, alternate options HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)
  6. Flats from $20 (from a very long time ago)