Take My Picture.

by Jamila Pierre

The last time I wore this skirt, in this color scheme, I donned it with a similar black jacketta (you'll notice that I have a tendency to make up words...hopefully you would have gotten use to this by now or are on the way to), it was black and somewhat cropped, form fitting, and had leatherette details throughout. 

Flashing back to that moment, I'm remembering my love for my long lost black & white tee that had a cassette tape print all over it (another favorito of mine outside of the grenade print).

Sad times.

That whole outfit was a win for that event, I rocked this very same belt (because this belt is literal LIFE), and sparkly pointed toe flat. You know what else was a win for that event? Those amazing little cupcakes they were serving....

OK, I'm getting off topic.

This time, I went with this lace moto-styled number that I got circa ages ago. The skirt is tre thick and I wanted something to balance out any lack of ventilation I may have gotten otherwise (which is why I went lace and open toed). 

The top was a no brainer. I have a very healthy/unhealthy obsession with black and white printed tops (which I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one and so far none has beat out my grenade tee...just saying). I mostly love to pair them with leopard print, camouflage, or pink...I've paired them with other things but the pairings I've mentioned are my absolute faves. 


This top in particular came from a straight sized store on the strip, and when I tell you I died for this camera print.....Biiiiihhhh. The material was soft and stretchy and though it only came in a size L, you know I was still getting it right....? Right. 

When I got home and tried this bad boy on...it was pure excellence, I was like "take MY picture", and then I proceeded to runway walk through my apartment in this top and my underwear.

Does that happen to you, when you just love what you bought so much that it takes you a while before you take it off, you either roll around or start dancing around your place in it?

One of my most favorite color combos outside of fuchsia and olive green, is pink with black and white; even though black and white aren't technically colors. This is just one of those outfits that I find myself gravitating towards as the weather begins to get warmer...but not too incredibly warm.

This skirt was made for me a good while ago and it was something I'd wanted for a very long time. I wanted a midi-length pleated skirt, made with a thick waist band, a fabric that you could redo your sofa cushions with, and  that had such deep pockets that you'd loose your hand if it weren't attached.  The pockets were placed in such a way, and the material so substantial, that I could house just about put anything in those pockets and no one would know...no one would even know it had pockets to begin with had I not told you or included a photo with my hand resting in them. 

The jig is kind of up, trade secrets and magick tricks revealed, but lets try and keep this between us.

The designer, Erica Walcott (of Erica Walcott NY), and I had some crossover (or overlapping if you will) when it came to aesthetic and functionality. We both agreed that a girl doesn't always want to lug around a bag...no matter the size, and having a strap from a crossbody isn't always ideal (especially with Le Bazooms), hence the never ending pockets. And though I had a few piece made by the ever talented Mrs. Walcott, this is one of my absolute favorite and most worn pieces from her.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace is from AFAZE. (3 for $10)
  2. Top is from Baby Blue. $5 (Similarly cute B&W printed tees HERE, HERE, & HERE)
  3. Lace jacket from Forever21.com. $19.80 (Similar HERE & HERE, if you're going for my other look you can try these HERE & HERE)
  4. Belt from V.I.M. $7 (if these type of studs are too much HERE's an awesome alternative)
  5. Skirt is custom from Erica Walcott NY. (Valued at $100, similar in cut but not in color HERE)
  6. Shoes from OldNavy.com. $11 (On Sale, similar HERE, HERE, & HERE)


by Jamila Pierre

Before we get into this outfit and how much it rocks my sock, let's touch upon this lippy. Aside from the name of the product that I love (Vindictive, which is a word I find to be supremely relevant for reasons I won't discuss in this post), the color is absolutely fabuloso! 

I may be particular about which "hybrid" types of shades I like to rock on my lips, but rest assured I like my lips to make unexpected statements just as much as anything else I wear.

I love the classics  like reds,  pinks, and plums...but I find certain shades of those more appealing than others. And honestly  the idea of "out of the box colors/tones" like: Grey, Blue, Black, & Emerald (just to name a few) are even better, when done right they can easily become less "out-of-box" and more of a staple. 

This LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Couture Lip Paint in Vindictive.....is most certainty a staple, this color is the knees of the bees.

(I will be reviewing these lip products soon with all the pros & cons, so stay tuned.)


In light of the warmer weather creeping in ever so slowly I decided to bare a little leg and bring out my tried and true color fav. 

Chartreuse is just one of those colors that will never in a  million years go out of style for me. It's funny because it doesn't exactly compliment skin tones that aren't super tanned (olive)  or dark, but I couldn't really give a damn. I am in love/ lust, head over heels for this color, and have been since forever. It's the ultimate in neutrals even though it is the most evident pop of color, and I am a fan of colors that can do that all at once. 

I paired the top with my faux leather envelope skirt, my life-boots, this most awesome handmade crocheted scarf from my main BISH Amy (BettyBlack.Info), and a pineapple ponytail (which I will be rocking this spring to the point of nauseam).  

{Click Images  Below To Enlarge }

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Scarf handmade and gifted by BettyBlack.info. ($Free Dollars)
  2. Top from JCPenny.com. $12
  3. Skirt from Forever21.com. $22.80
  4. Boots from Charlotterusse.com. $15 (On Sale from $45)