by Jamila Pierre

As you know B Hawk is no stranger to this section of my blog, he exemplifies what it is to be effortlessly chic, so when he asked that I help him with this shoot for the promo of a new web-series "Pinned x Stitched", I said YES! 

When I arrived to the The OG Studios, in Brooklyn, I had the pleasure of meeting his creative counterpart, Meron.  Meron was just as stunning, stylish, and pleasant as her partner B Hawk, which made the shoot all the more enjoyable,  

The web-series is a means to bring yet another facet to the already multifaceted aesthetic of AFROPUNK style/fashion, They'll be catering to the specific interests of the AFROPUNK fan base,

Think of it as a "What Not To Wear" that has been flipped on its head, studded, re-purposed, leatherized, blackened, PINNED x STITCHED, and doused with a copious amount of edge.

As a person who appreciates all facets of style, I couldn't be more excited to see the end result. I am extremely elated to have been able to be a part of this movement during its beginning stages, however small the role I've played or play in the future...It was an honor.




What She Is Wearing: 

  1. Duck Tape is McQueen (Punk Exhibit)
  2. Cape by House Of Harlow
  3. Tights are Wolfred
  4. Shoes are Doc Martins 

What He Is Wearing: 

  1. Duck Tape is McQueen (Punk Exhibit)
  2. Vest is Custom Made.
  3. Shirt is IAN
  4. Earrings from Patricia Fields


"We first met at Buffalo Exchange almost 2 years ago and haven't separated since. The idea of the show was something we discussed randomly one day while hanging out in The City. We weren't seeing people that looked like us on TV or the Web. So one day, while at Buffalo Exchange, B hawk told a mutual friend named Justin Allen about the show and he then told his friends that worked at Afro Punk. We are very excited to get this opportunity to work with the Afropunk family by bringing a different view on the Fashion World." 

                                                                                           - Meron -




What She Is Wearing:
  1. Shirt is Norma Kamali 
  2. Skirt is H&M 
  3. Tights are Wolfred
  4. Shoes are Doc Martins 
  5. Necklace is Maison Martin Margiela for H&M 
What He Is Wearing:
  1. Jacket is VB  
  2. Shirt (Buffalo Exchange) 
  3. Shorts are Maison Martin Margiela
  4. Shoes are Ralph Lauren Collection
  5. Rings Surface 2 Air and Aldo
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Regin Apiim: Spirit Animal

by Jamila Pierre

Yet another one of the motley crew I met a few months ago is being featured because let's face it...they're a fly group of individuals.  

Today I introduce to you Reign Apiim, she is what I deem to be my spirit animal. She is every bit of my soul when I was between the ages of 13-23 yrs old, this is not to degrade her or make her seem juvenile, this is to simply give you yet another peek into who I am and what has cultivated who I have become. From the years between 23 to the present day I lost a piece of myself and I am not 100% sure I'm better off or happy with that fact, but I acknowledge it and live vicariously through those that maintain the essence of the girl I sorta used to be.  

Reign's spirit has a of wild and care free, mixed with a reserved certainty of who she is at this moment and who she is most certain she will be in the years to come. She said to me, " I came to the realization that I am fully in control of my life." 

This was me and it's something I am on a journey back to every day.  

She acknowledges that everything is ever evolving and she doesn't fight it, she just rolls with it, she accepts what she can't change and takes charge of what she knows she can. Speaking with her was a pleasant trip down memory lane, a trip to where the girl I use to be still frolics freely. With that I was lost in the ever short lived, it made me smile. 

In true Aries fashion, her style is uniquely hers. Is wearing a dress new? No. Is wearing jewelry a new concept? No. Is adorning your tresses with different pieces of treasure untouched territory? NO, but damn it the formula as to which it comes together is anything but ordinary. She isn't a carbon copy, she is just Reign. I was immediately drawn to her for this reason alone, "she had me at hello".

Below are just a few shots from the shoot we had on one of the most beautiful summer days I have ever experienced, along with a few excerpts from her answers to my questions.




"My name is Lashaia Artis (Reignapiim) and I am an Aries artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, digital media, darkroom photography, printmaking, and fibers. After school I went back to painting and began studying the art of oneness, spirituality, energy, and the laws of attraction. This study began after I gave birth to my brand name: “If you believe (APIIM-All Power is In Me) you will forever reign”. This simple phrase evolved into a philosophy. A philosophy about the harmonic experience one creates in their life from believing in ALL things positive: understanding how much power one has, meditating in the present moment, creating/following your own path, trusting intuition and accepting the infinite journey of growth and possibilities. I also began exploring dream symbolism in order to understand the conversations that goes on between our dream life and waking life, exploring how they can align to teach us about ourselves and heal wounds." 




"I have been studying crystals with my experiences and collecting them for the past year, which lead me to making these magic wands. After centering, and allowing the universe to lead me I began to have the most magical experiences with my family, friends and most fascinating .. complete strangers. It is a feeling of being at home, comfortable and confidently ONE in every single situation. Spiritually in touch, I began to become one with people and have very close, in depth and intimate bonding’s with people which gave me a lot of bliss. Through this journey I began to realize what was important in my life and how I wanted that to come out into my art."



"I decided to try and wire wrap a crystal so I can always have it with me for luck, and from that I began adding beads to them making them wands of magic! Now I have something that I can finally say is a reflection of me and can be shared with everyone which is exactly what I want when someone poses’ any piece of art I make. I want the wearer to feel calm, magic, energetic and spiritually uplifted as I do. I want the wearer to feel as if they are a king or queen. Last but not least I want the wearer to feel as if they have the power to manifest their life BEYOND ALL circumstances."




"I am inspired by 17th century royal gowns, vintage lingerie, Chanel 1920’s, 1930’s couture, 1940's-50’s vintage Dior specifically the “new look”/”25-yard skirts”, traditional dress/jewels for Indian weddings, African textiles…ALL together with an urban street style edge. I haven’t wore a pair of jeans in ……5 years. I feel as if everyday should be a celebration, special occasion or reason to look like I am “going somewhere”."




"I would like to leave a legendary imprint in the world. With my story coming from nothing into everything I could imagine, I would like…WILL be an example that no matter your circumstances, keep staying true to yourself and do whatever you LOVE to do ALL things are possible. The money, the WAY will come after you believe and allow the universe to work. I WILL inspire ALL people more importantly the youth to go after their passion no matter what any system says. There is ALWAYS a way. Plant the seeds and they will eventually grow and unfold into a life YOU have created for yourself by YOUR standards."


What she wore: 

  1. Dress from a fellow Aries. $0 (Gifted)
  2. Golden shoes Top Shop. $50
  3. Pendent from $5
  4. wand necklace handmade by Reign, from her recent collection. $50-$100
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Curtis Bryant: The Fake Socialite Of New York

by Jamila Pierre

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the self proclaimed Fake Socialite of New York. From the moment we met up to do this shoot his aura radiated positivity which relieved any awkwardness that two strangers may encounter upon working together for the first time, and made for a light-hearted shoot.

When I first met Curtis, I had no idea that he was cultivating such a positive movement by using his large following to spread this positivity to the masses, but after meeting him and speaking with him about the mark he wishes to leave on this planet, I found myself impressed... and honored to be a part of it.   

To him: "A fake socialite understands that they have a pedestal, yet they're humble and they really don't separate themselves from other people." This is something I can absolutely relate to and if I had the following he had or some of these social media mavens had I would be pushing the same agenda. I would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable, less fabulous, or like they are less than me.

Because of what he represents, Curtis is officially in my book of people to get to know and I hope this isn't the end of our work together.


"I'm Curtis Bryant, a true new yorker, born and raised in the Bronx New York with dreams about making art to get him and his mom out of the hood. I'm inspired by people, and have the ability to meet a stranger and make them feel like we grew up in the same neighborhood together, some say I have an addicting personality."

                                                                                          -Curtis Bryant- 


"Currently I'm a freelance graphic designer as well as photographer. I have been freelancing in both fields for about 5 years now. One half of BRYANTHOUSE DESIGNS, a freelance  graphic design company I started along side a fellow Parsons for the New School for Design alumni, Class of 2011!"

                                                                                       -Curtis Bryant-


"My style is a mix of Andre 3000, Chris Brown and Solange Knowles. Solange Knowles is my spirit fashion animal. Her use of bold colors and patterns are something I enjoy. And though I'm wearing all black here, I wear an array of bright colors on a day to day basis, Bright colors make me happy and I think it helps people who see me walking down the street to feel positive energy as well. I like to think of myself as a style chameleon."

                                                                                        -Curtis Bryant-


"I do/make the art that I make because it honestly keeps me sane and it allows me to express myself to people in ways that I can't verbalize all the time. Being a Pisces I'm always thinking and imagining, my art allows people to get a little glimpse of everything that's going on in my head. I hope that people remember me for always being consistent whether it's in my work or my personality."

                                                                                            -Curtis Bryant- 

What he wore: 

  1. Black hat is vintage. $0 (Gifted)
  2. Fake Socialite T-Shirt is from Curtis Bryant's T-Shirt line and can be found at   for $20. (Will be available August 16, 2013)
  3. Black Skirt from Karl Lagerfeld pop-up shop, $120
  4. Black Aldo Sandals from Aldo. $30


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B Hawk Snipes: The Stylist

by Jamila Pierre

So I met the stylist B Hawk Snipes, who goes by the name B Hawk, and let me tell you it was kismet. He was sitting amongst a group of equally fly individuals and I just knew they had to be photographed.   

During our initial five minute photo session, I got the chance to chit chat a bit with each one of them and discovered that they were all an amazing group of creatives that I was just itching to feature on my Blog.


We met at Canal street for our one on one photo shoot and the vibe was all the way awesome. He was sweet, funny, full of life, and had a positive energy about him.

Let's not forget to mention that he was and is absolutely stunning. 

Below are the shots I took of B Hawk (Stylist)  and a him chiming in on who B Hawk is.


"My name is B Hawk Snipes. I'm a stylist, model, actor and entertainer...I'm just a overall creative artist. Being able to showcase the world the gifts I was given is so much fun. People always tell me I should focus on one thing in my career but that's like having four kids and picking out my favorite child...I love them all and I can't. Growing up in a tough neighborhood in the Bronx and going to a Performing Arts High School in NYC made me who I am today. It taught me to never give up and keep pushing forward towards bigger things. So many people have inspired me in my life, but in the fashion world it's been stylist Ty Hunter. Growing up I've watched him style all the lovely ladies of Destiny's Child and he was someone that actually looked like me. I'm glad to now call him a "brother in my head". I know for a fact I've inspired people and would love to just keep doing that. Having the power of change and opening people's eyes for the better...would be my mark."

-B Hawk Snipes

It wasn't all serious fierceness. .. we did manage to bust a move due to a gentleman who decided to blast his music where we were shooting. B Hawk started dancing, and I only felt it appropriate to twerk while crouched down taking this photo right here.


What he wore: 

       1. Black Head Scarf : H&M $10
      2. Earrings: Surface 2 Air
      3. Necklaces : Vintage Piece from Buffalo Exchange
      4. Top: Silk Grey Blouse (No Label) $28 from Buffalo Exchange
      5. Rings : Indian Rings from West Village Jewelry Shop
      6. Bracelets : Mix of Prada and Sergio & James (
      7. Pants: Cheap Monday $14 at Buffalo Exchange
     8. Boots: Army Boots. $48 at Buffalo Exchange.

Berthold Jean-Charles: The Stylist.

by Jamila Pierre

So, a few weeks ago I ran into this effortlessly chic dude in the streets of Soho and decided to snap some photos of him for the "Style Feature" section of my Blog.

I was with my friend Angelica Vanessa when I met him the first time around, immediately we knew that he needed to be captured and shared on my blog, he was everything we were looking for that day. 

Turns out he was a stylist, PERFECT! 

Upon looking him up I discovered that he has worked with quite a few notable photographers and magazines, and has made quite the name for himself. He's worked with photographer Shamayim of SHAMAYIN. NET, who just so happens to be one of my favs, and he's styled editorials for Haper's Bazzar Vietnam and ELLE Vietnam, just to name a few.

He enjoyed the initial image I produced of him and plugged into an earlier post on my blog, and decided that he'd ask me to document his showroom visits and him in general, of course I said yes.




We went to see Bionda Castana's 2014 Resort collection, which will be hitting stores some time at the end of the year. Her collection of Accessories were to die for and embodied female sensuality and femininity. She herself was stunning, and her team  accommodating and kind.



We also went to the X'Tige showroom where the Pr Director, Nikolas Pankau, showed us around this space filled with amazing pieces.

This place was altogether epic and the pieces that were on display needed to come home with me. 




nudressformcrop2 small.jpg

Twin Tomato: Angelica Vanessa.

by Jamila Pierre

A long time friend and fellow creative, Angelic Vanessa, has proven herself time and time again, to be one of the most creative individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with.

Her unique use of motion and "everything floral" and dream-like aesthetic has been mastered over the course of 10+ years.  

She is a natural born artist in every sense of the word and exudes this through every inch of her being and her style reflects the creative interlaying dimensions of her infinite imagination.

She's a creator of worlds and uses still and moving images as a medium to invite you into the many worlds she creates.

Below are the links to her websites.

Take a peek at what this stylish creative, Brooklyn grown, NYC Native has to offer.







What she's wearing: 

  1. Ruffled Mixed Print Top from mother's closet. $0
  2. Brown Dress with Pyramid Studs from the late great Daffy's. $20 (Gifted)
  3. Sunglasses from who can remember where. $250 (Gifted)
  4. Bag from Mandee. $30
  5. Rings from a street-fair and Forever21. $2
  6. Earrings from a random website. $30
  7. Boots from $40


nudressformcrop2 small.jpg

Street Style: NYC

by Jamila Pierre

You have to love when you're just going out to eat with your mother and all of a sudden there's a group of too fly for their own good individuals sitting across the way. Their style was captivating to me and I had to seize the opportunity to capture it.

Thank God I had my camera that day.  

I approached the motley crew, introduced myself, and they proceeded to allow me to photograph them in all their glory. 

They were extremely humble, emanated positivity, and all have an array of talent. 

The last two Ladies were not with the motley bunch, but they too had style that was in need of capture, and it was remarkable how though they weren't together...we some how all were in the same place, interacting, and looking FABULOUS. 

I will be featuring all of them, individually, soon enough.

I can only hope to stay in contact with them, I need creative minds to feed off of and hope that they feel the same.  























Treat Every Day As Your Runway, You Never Know Who's Watching. 

Keep A look Out, You Might Be Featured Next! 

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Get Your Swimwear Up!

by Jamila Pierre

It's about to be the season, everybody's talking about it and it's in every magazine and store from here to Timbuktu.

Swimsuit options are being posted everywhere, and best of all the options have increased for the full-figured gal who just can't help but to look good on the beach too. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see the industry finally starting to wake up a bit from what seems like a century long hibernation of SIZEISM.

During the course of my childhood and adolescent years, going shopping for a swimsuit wasn't exactly the most amusing and visually titillating event. The colors were horrible, the prints were nauseating, and the silhouette was nothing to write home about.

Our options were the most unflattering two-pieces you could imagine, that were made for people who have next to no jiggle or pooch, or a one piece with little to no VA VA VOOM to it with hideous prints...and don't even get me started on the sizing.

So to see all these fun and playful, even elegant silhouettes and prints....well it makes me over joyed.

There are a plethora of swimsuits to fulfill the needs of practically every body shape and if your plans are to hit the beach hard this summer, I suggest you get on it.

Bellow are a few pictures and links to some of my faves that are in stores right now:


And for the fashionista who loves their body but hasn't fully quite gotten over the confidence hump yet, there are a slew of cover ups that will help boost your level of comfort until you're ready to flaunt your beauty to the world.

Want something that can relaxing on the beach to eating at a beach-side restaurant, here's and option.

Not into collars? Here's an option.

Want something that slips on and off with ease? Here's an option.

If you just want a little control, here's an opton.

Now for the piece de resistance.

If you don't know about Gabi Fresh I won't judge you I promise, but it's about that time that you get into it.

This beautifully stylish, young woman is a great example of being an entrepreneur who started not knowing what she wanted or where she wanted to go, and ended up discovering her fashion calling.

Working hard towards something she could see herself doing in the future, she's created quite the name for herself and her success is one to be admired. She does not mince her style choices and makes no excuses for being fabulous at any size.
I honestly didn't think I could like her more...and then it happened, Gabi is coming out with her own swimsuit line! It seems as if she has taken all the things a plus size female has voiced negative opinions about, and came out with what looks like, not the  beginning but,  a nice catapult into ugly swimsuits being a thing of the past.

Now I'm not saying that over the course of the years swimsuits haven't improved exponentially or that Gabi's line is the "Be all and end all" of swimsuits, but damn it it is quite fly. I'm looking forward to getting myself one and you should too!


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Street Style: NYC

by Jamila Pierre

Decided to go out and see what NYC had to offer in the style department. Today wasn't the best day for style in my honest opinion and I was beginning to loose hope, but thank God for the few who acted like they just knew they would be on my blog today. They did not disappoint.

Look forward to more posts like this on this page, because I'm not the only Father of Style out there (taking myself too seriously). I want to show you Ladies and Gents that style comes in all forms.

Just rock it!

Name: Kar

Outfit: Predominately Goodwill

Name: Let's just call her adorable

Outfit: Awesome

Name: Berthold (Stylist)

Outfit: Effortlessly Chic

Name: Angela

Outfit:  Zara Studio

Name: Girl with the ornate Moroccan necklace

Outfit: Comfy Chic

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Hats,Scarves, & Mittens, OH MY!

by Jamila Pierre

Today's FEATURED STYLE is that of an entrepreneur on the rise. Her name: Amy. Her game: Crocheting. This beautiful twenty-something year old DIVA from Queens NY is just one of the many that I will be featuring on my site periodically.

I've known Amy for over a decade, and have seen her transition from style to style trying to see what truly fit with the woman she has become, and the woman she plans to be. 

We've all been there and have gone through the gamut of style influences that have shaped the Look-Books of our past... then we come to a time in our lives when we finally know who we are, what we want for our futures, and how we want to present it to for all the world to see. 

On a casual day she fancies an outfit with a touch of a nautical inspiration, and is chill to the max without frumping it. Here with a fitted pair of blue skinny jeans, a Disney tank for a sprinkle of of whimsy, a small cross-body she handmade, and a lazy Sunday blue cardigan to tie it all together, this chick is the essence of relaxation.

In the images below you will see her adorned with some of her handmade pieces. 


She currently takes special order request from customers, and hand makes them a customized accessory. From Hats, to scarves, to mittens OH MY, Amy makes it work for you. You just choose the color, size and pattern, and this beaut will whip  up a piece that you will be proud to add to your wardrobe.


Contact her to get your special order in. It may be on the verge of Summer, but in this big's Fall/Winter somewhere.  Get one for yourself, a friend, or anyone who cares about looking good.

Order info will be at the bottom of this post.  

Night Out On The Town...

As comfy casual as this girl can be, in style and as a person, let's face it everybody likes to dial it up a few notches when it's time to go out.


Outfit Number One: 

  1. Dress from $80
  2. Heels from $26
  3. Bowling Bag from $30
  4. Sunglasses from $5.80
  5. Necklace from Tiffany & CO. (Gifted) $350

Outfit Number Two:

  1. Top from $52
  2. Skirt from $34
  3. Heels from $26
  4. Sunglasses from $5.80
  5. Brass Knuckles Purse from $30
  6. Necklace from Tiffany & CO. (Gifted) $350

Isn't it amazing how a woman can transform from a feline cub to a full fledged Lioness with just a few key pieces? You can go from "I'm just a girl" to "I'm the only girl in the world" by just playing up your best features. 

From Day to Night, Amy has demonstrated her style sense and has shared with you one of her many passions. So for the love of Crochet, contact this girl already. 


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