Get Your Swimwear Up!

by Jamila Pierre

It's about to be the season, everybody's talking about it and it's in every magazine and store from here to Timbuktu.

Swimsuit options are being posted everywhere, and best of all the options have increased for the full-figured gal who just can't help but to look good on the beach too. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see the industry finally starting to wake up a bit from what seems like a century long hibernation of SIZEISM.

During the course of my childhood and adolescent years, going shopping for a swimsuit wasn't exactly the most amusing and visually titillating event. The colors were horrible, the prints were nauseating, and the silhouette was nothing to write home about.

Our options were the most unflattering two-pieces you could imagine, that were made for people who have next to no jiggle or pooch, or a one piece with little to no VA VA VOOM to it with hideous prints...and don't even get me started on the sizing.

So to see all these fun and playful, even elegant silhouettes and prints....well it makes me over joyed.

There are a plethora of swimsuits to fulfill the needs of practically every body shape and if your plans are to hit the beach hard this summer, I suggest you get on it.

Bellow are a few pictures and links to some of my faves that are in stores right now:


And for the fashionista who loves their body but hasn't fully quite gotten over the confidence hump yet, there are a slew of cover ups that will help boost your level of comfort until you're ready to flaunt your beauty to the world.

Want something that can relaxing on the beach to eating at a beach-side restaurant, here's and option.

Not into collars? Here's an option.

Want something that slips on and off with ease? Here's an option.

If you just want a little control, here's an opton.

Now for the piece de resistance.

If you don't know about Gabi Fresh I won't judge you I promise, but it's about that time that you get into it.

This beautifully stylish, young woman is a great example of being an entrepreneur who started not knowing what she wanted or where she wanted to go, and ended up discovering her fashion calling.

Working hard towards something she could see herself doing in the future, she's created quite the name for herself and her success is one to be admired. She does not mince her style choices and makes no excuses for being fabulous at any size.
I honestly didn't think I could like her more...and then it happened, Gabi is coming out with her own swimsuit line! It seems as if she has taken all the things a plus size female has voiced negative opinions about, and came out with what looks like, not the  beginning but,  a nice catapult into ugly swimsuits being a thing of the past.

Now I'm not saying that over the course of the years swimsuits haven't improved exponentially or that Gabi's line is the "Be all and end all" of swimsuits, but damn it it is quite fly. I'm looking forward to getting myself one and you should too!


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