by Jamila Pierre

Tis' the season to stock up on all those amazing horror pieces that can be intertwined with your everyday wardrobe. I personally don't give a good got dang about rules or when certain things are appropriately suiting for seasons or holidays, it's all up to you. Just have fun and if an opportunity to presents itself to be bold, to think outside of the box....DO IT!

I love love love this dresom Cow Cow! the color, the print, the material in general...this dress is super comfy and super cute. I decided to pair it with cranberry colors as oppose to the most obvious pairing, black. I went full on earthy fall vibes. When I tell you that I will be getting more of these righ here...!!!

The best part of Cow Cow, especially their Amazon store, is that they add new color combos, it almost seems regularly. I didn't even realize it until I revisited a dress I had purchased before. This made a girl like myself, who gets things I love in every color, a very happy camper.

And even though the main focus is this most awesome dress, I also have to mention this freakin' amazing faux suede cardi/jacket/I don't know what, is just sooooo goood. It's from one of my fave brands at Target, Knox Rose. I am in love with it, I want the navy one, and it is the perfect fall piece. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Hat from Wetseal.com. $22.90
  2. Sunnies from Baby blue. $6
  3. Necklace from the wholesale district. $4
  4. Knox Rose via Target.com. $17 (On sale)
  5. Dress from CowCow via Amazon.com. $17.99
  6. Belt from some rando dress circa ages ago
  7. Boots from Avenue.com. $36
  8. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  9. Rings from Forever21.


by Jamila Pierre

I already have like a kazillion (more like 10) dresses from CowCow, and I don't think I'll be happy until I've caught them all, #PokemonStatus.

And in my quest to in fact catch them all, I came across the most perfect dresses for the spoopy season. I say dresses because this certainty wasn't the only one, I have a post coming soon with the other one(s) I got as well (not all are from Cow Cow...just so you know). 

When it comes to Halloween I kinda grew out of the whole dressing up thing....I mean from time to time I may feel more in the spirit than others, but I just don't every really feel the need or urge to go all out. Howeverrrrrr, I do have a deep fascination and appreciation for all things horror, kitchy, and unique, all year around. These are all things I can find and/or create with Cow Cow, these are the qualities these dresses posses that are going to be featured this week, have. 

This little number is not one of the items that Cow Cow has sent my way to review, but I'm almost positive that when those things arrive.....I will love them. I chose some pretty stellar pieces from their extensive collection. I made most of my selections off of their Amazon store and not from their actual site, Cowcow.com. The only thing I got from there was an awesome onsie that will be featured soon enough. I know that the actual  Cow Cow site can be a tad overwhelming, but with a little finesse you'll get the hang of it. As a secondary (and for some a primary) option, their amazon selections are easier to navigate and the choices...? The CHOICES!!!! they also happen to be a little bit more reasonably priced. 

I think it's entirely freakin' fab and amazing that you can participate in the season without having to get crazy with it (even though I know that that's most of the fun). But if you're anything like me at least you know you've got options. And remember, this stuff doesn't have to be designated for Halloween ONLY....

When I saw this dress I just knew it'd find happiness in my closet and on my body, I knew I'd do it justice. Look upon this print and tell me it isn't everythang.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Just an average black bandanna from the 99 cent store.
  2. Sunnies from Joyce Leslie (when tthey still existed). $5
  3. Necklace from the Wholesale District. $3.50
  4. Bomber jacket from Forever21 (a few yrs back). $19.90
  5. Dress from CowCow via Amazon.com. $9.99
  6. Belt from V.I.M. $7
  7. Leggings from Rainbow. $6
  8. Boots from Charlotterusse.com. $15 (On Sale from $45)

Here are a few options I picked that are equally as awesome. I decided not to show you any images of the selections as to keep it a surprise. Click on the links and see what other totally amazing pieces that would spice your Halloween season all the way up, AND take you through the year.