Flyaway Florals

by Jamila Pierre

Oh nothing, just casually thumbed through the racks at target and came across this lovely frock right here. Saw it. Loved it. Grabbed it. Threw it in my cart.

 I didn't find this tunic in the plus size section either, it came in a XXL and the spandex content is at an all time high (which is much appreciated). There are soooooo many things I love about it, but to just name a few: the color, the print and the way the flowers seem to be flying around as if they've been blown away all poetic-like, the tunic length, the fit, the sleeve length, the slight puff at the shoulder, the black trim at the bottom....OK....I think it's safe to say I went overboard with the list of things I love about it....

In any event, I had no idea the magic that was about to be made in the fitting room upon trying on this piece......until I zipped this bad boy up *SWOOOOOOOON* 

I decided to bare some leg, throw on my glittery ZARA kitten heels, and seal the deal with my silver and orange-toned jewels. I usually stay in for New Years because I'm a homebody these days and I'm "cuffed"beyond belief. I like being home with my hubby watching the ball drop from the warmth and comforts of home, where I can snuggle and partake in bubbly and sexytime, and don't have to brave the cold weather or deal with traffic or public transportation. But I'd be lying if I told you that this little number didn't make me reconsider. It's sexy yet understated, and it has some shine without being blinding....I am a fan.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from AFAZE. $3 for $10
  2. Dress from Target. $24.99
  3. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  4. Glittery Pumps from $50

Jurassic Park Cooling.

by Jamila Pierre

You know those days, the days when you couldn't be bothered with the fuss of being all "razzle dazzle" (as my husband likes to call it), and you just reluctantly roll out of bed on a cold day? You find yourself staring at your shambled closet wondering, "What in the actual hell do I want to wear that fits my mood of "lazy days"...but still has a hint of my personality shining through?".

Then it hit me...Ahhh Yes...a sweatshirt, one with gold foiled Dino-skeletons all over oldie but a goodie. Every time I put this sweatshirt on, nostalgia comes over me, it reminds me of those old-school dino-onsies from childhood (good times man, good times)

I paired it with all black because why not; nothing says "I woke up like this" as effortlessly as all black.

And because I hand out jigs and shimmies like rice at weddings, below is a shot of me attempting to prove to you that I am in fact not going on 3 hours of sleep and am fighting a category 4 headache.

Side Note: You'd be hard pressed to tell me I don't look like I'm about to break into the "Shmoney Dance"....just saying.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sweatshirt from $22.80
  2. High-Waisted jeans from $17.80
  3. Boots from $15 (On sale from $45)
  4. Shmoney dance from Bobby Shmurda. $Priceless