Coral and Leather

by Jamila Pierre

So ok, I promise I don't only wear hot pink kitten heels....who am I kidding...

I am a sucker for pink and pinkish-hued footwear and you'll inevitable see it bombard you on my blog, but I swear I have one millions shoes....or what seems like one million shoes. I just have not felt so compelled to bring them all out and when you find a shoe that has, over the course of a few months has, become your become stuck like glue to one another. 

I am also a huge sucker for pops of color even when I'm drenched in color already and I don't care what anyone has to say about it. 

And lastly, I am a ridiculously huge sucker for a pointy-toed kitten heel. I NEED THEM IN EVERY COLOR KNOWN TO MAN!


Also, as excited as I am for the slightly warmer weather, mother nature refuses to stop playing all these games with my emotions. In the sun it's glorious, but in the shade it's freezing. Now the reason the shade is so offensive is because people tend to dress for the sun and the degrees the forecast is promising, but when you head out into the world and the shade wants to act like it doesn't have a clue as to what season we're in...... now you're ending up being dress for warmth and under-dressed for the damn shade.

Which brings me to leather, I know some of you may be wondering how all that brought us to leather, but trust.

Obviously when I talk leather I mean the faux kind, if you're into the real you boo, but I ain't talkin' bout that...moving on.

Leather is a perfect transitional material from winter into the beginning stages of spring. If you compensate for the thickness of the material with the length of the garment or if you just have it as an accent on a top or bottom, you can surely get away with it without feeling like you're sweating your life away. 

Here I've done just that, I decided to rock my faux leather skirt from Forever21 and a top that contrasts with the heavier material of my skirt to provide some balance in the look and feel of the outfit. The top also has mesh on the very top so it provide maximum airflow. I paired it with the coral Pumps and called that sucker a day.

The coral pumps are a lot more coral in person, scouts honor. 

The coral pumps are a lot more coral in person, scouts honor. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Top from the Strawberry on 34th street (as they are the only ones that I know of who carry plus size). $15
  2. Skirt from $22.80
  3. Coral kitten heels from $24.80

I'm A Grown Woman.

by Jamila Pierre

Damn, it's almost my birthday and I'm about to hit the big three-0.

Most people would like to think they've made huge evolutionary jumps in the time they've spent on this planet, that was and still is my hope for myself, but have I really done so? Have I made the strides I know myself to be capable of? Have I truly evolved? Asking these questions may seem like pessimism prancing around under the guise of positivity, but I promise you it's not.

It's these questions that keep the change or the ideal of change alive. If I don't challenge myself, then aspiration dies.

Looking back on life and digging up the bones of my past and addressing my short comings couldn't be healthier, more positive, or come at a better time. As cliche as it sounds, there is no time like the present...and failures are just signs of progress...and progress is a side effect of effort.  

As upset and unsettling as some realities are, I've chosen to embrace them and push on towards fixing every crack and hole for the rest of my life. Don't get it twisted now, I'm not one for posing as though one should only acknowledge the positive, I will never be guilty of only exposing the highlight reel of my life or my inner- most thoughts, and I'm not into pretending that everything will always be alright. And though things DO have a tendency to suck...BIG TIME, and though at times every bone in my body scream GIVE UP, I can't help but keep going and striving for things to be...well...alright.

There are too many things wrong with the world and I can only do but so much about it, yet another thing I am forever working on understanding and moving past. So, with that said...I won't just give up on the possibility of making changes in the world around me, but I will try to finally and mostly work on me. If there's one thing I've learned is that I'm my own worst enemy, yet I am the the most important person in play that I can rely on. 

This is not to say that I don't ever lean on anyone, or trust anyone, I have just learned hard lessons that I am ever grateful for.

For those who feel funny with any reference to God, let's just call it the universe. The universe has helped me weed out the unworthy, has shed light on the bad, has guided me closer to me, has given me the opportunity to learn, grow, love, trust, cry, scream, smile, get angry, stay angry, forgive, move past, understand, make change, gain esteem, overcome, be brought to earth, get lifted up high, get knocked down a peg or two, to be discouraged, encouraged, creative, enlightened, artistic, humbled, and helped me to continue to be ME (just to name a few). And as much as I love and hate life all at the same time...I would be wrong as hell (not wrong as in right and wrong, but rather correct and incorrect) to not acknowledge how blessed I've been to be apart of it all. 

And as for my declaration to myself...I WILL NOT BE STAGNANTI WILL REACH MY POTENTIAL, I may not accomplish it all in time because life is short, but I WILL GIVE IT EVERYTHING

I try so hard to express myself to the world like a bird that does its bright feather-winged dance, it's my mating dance with and for the world. I don't just do it for the worlds sake, but as a way to remind myself that I AM GRANDI AM SPECIALI AM HERE

And now that I've just about made it to 30, I will look forward while remembering my past and using it to guide me through the rest of my days. I want to be able to reach 60 and know that I was not just the best me, but that I've learned to be just the right amount of hard on myself that induces greatness without diminishing how I feel about myself. This is something I've been striving to master. 

Because honestly...who is this all for? I sit here and I make posts, I let you all in hoping to inspire you in some shape or form, but I do it mostly for myself...I too need to re-inspire myself. I need to do this to remind myself of who I am, who I want to be, and what I'm made of. 

I still have a long way to go, I AM more than a work in progress, but I won't stop trying...I can't have been buried and not have made enough of a ripple effect on this planet.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Dynamite Grommet-Trimmed Dress from $29.80
  2. Studded Kitten Heels from Marshalls. $29.99