by Jamila Pierre

Lately it seems as though life is hurling so many leomons in my direction, I've had no choice but to try my hand at a lemonade stand....shiiiiit, I might just have a corporation on my hands, a conglomerate if you will. I've been sick, REAL sick, and with so many things on the agenda, on the got dang itnerary, I'm left, more often than not, feeling like a big fat failure. Moments turn into minutes, which turns into hours, which turns into days, etc...and before you know it, weeks have passed me by with a to-do list miles long.

I'm in no control over what's happening, and I feel like Lucille Ball when she was working for that chocolate shop and all the bon bons just came full speed ahead into a sweet treat pile-up....except ain't nothin' sweet over here. I've had to come up with creative ways to "posi-spin" all the BS, how else does one survive? Now if I could just get enough good health hours to conquer all the other 1.5 billion tasks I've left behind, plus the 2.5 billion ahead.


I finally got my head above water long enough to edit a set or too of images, AND to share some thoughts here on Le Blog, thank the powers that be. So you know I had to come thru with the HEAT.

What better way to ring in a summer's night with this outfit rightchea?


I don't want to beat dead horses, so i'll spare you why I absolutely live, breathe, and die for this dress.....

The jacket is seriously one of MOST perf toppers in my entire collection (which is saying a lot, and if you saw my collection...you'd understand), it's sturdy and thick enough to keep me fairly warm when the temps drop a bit...but, it still manages to not only be breathable, but thin enough to not make me sweat my entire life away if the sun happens to be following me around while I frolic all the live long day.


As sassy and fuego AF as I felt in this fit, it was still casual enough to toss on some kicks, and because I ain't no regular degular, I haaaaaaad to throw on my gold brogue styled sneakers, with the pointed toe.

And in the case of the chicken or the egg, I really don't remember or know who came first, the bag or the sunnies; either way, it couldn't have been a better finishing touch.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from a street vendor at 14th street Union Sq.. $5 (Same ones HERE)
  2. Jacket from Boohoo.com. $34 (On sale, not longer avail., alternative HERE)
  3. Dress from Boohoo.com. $ (No longer avail, alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)
  4. Shoes from Charlotterusse.com. $10 (On sale, alternative HERE,HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)
  5. Bag from Targets dollar spot. $5 (found another like it at Macy's backstage store, which I also bought,  and I found it on Amazon.com)

All Of Spring 2018

by Jamila Pierre

I don't know about you, but I'm innately an Autumn gal (I can early Winter/ late winter too), the majority of my wardrobe reflects that. Because I'm definitely a more is more kind of person, im naturally drawn to seasons that allow me to layer, and to do so without busting all types of sweats. But, this past year there was a slight shift in this phase of my life; I've been drawn to more warmer weather garb and, dare I say it, basics *Gasps while clutching pearls*.


I'm not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination, but I've found myself appreciating (what I like to call it) a non-basic. The idea of being able to wear pieces that are so versatile that it can literally be paired with anything, is phenomenal. I like no fuss wears with maximum impact, hence the non in the non-basic. And now that I've kind dived off the deep end into my new found appreciation of a whole other side of things, I went ham egg and cheese with these clothing hauls that I hope to get enough good health hours to record for my YouTube channel. Just know, I've found some seriously incredible pieces.

The sweater I'm wearing is just the right amount of toasty but not so toasterific that I'm seconds away from a heat stroke. I know you can't tell by the images provided .....but trust me when I say this is one of the most airy and breathable sweaters I own and the knit is a lot wider than it appears. It also falls under the non-basic basic guidelines I've created for myself.

As you know (and this is mostly in regards to NYC) the weather has been quite confused. One minute it's unbearably hot, the next it's catch every piece of this cold season. Ive spent the better part of the last few weeks of transitioning weather, either over dressed or under dressed. So I decided to juxtapose the seasons and find ways to wear winter and spring together.


I threw on these ultra soft joggers, that no matter how hard I try, no matter how many hours I've spent going through every page on targets website, I just cant find them, I still thought I'd provide you with some links to a few pairs I have my eyes on and that I'd totally pair with this look.

As for my slides? Oh dear sweet Jesus! These are just about the best feminine/casually fancy/ everyday but special occasion slides of my life. they come in two other colors (which ya girl WILL be getting her mitts on soon enough), and they're remarkably affordable, which is music to my ears....and my wallet.

It just made perfect sense to pair all of these pieces and it was incredibly easy, especially now that I've adopted some style perspective I typically wouldn't have in the past.

*Raises Pom Seduction, in a chic little glass, from my fave Thai restaurant* Here;s to growth and how good it looks on people.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Claire's. $14 (Was too much if you ask me, better deal HERE)
  2. Necklace from Telco. $9
  3. Sweater from Charlotterusse.com. $15 (On sale, no longer avail., similar HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)
  4. Bracelet from the wholesale district. $5
  5. Joggers from Target in-store. $5 (Mega sale)
  6. Slides from Target in-store. $15 (On sale)