by Jamila Pierre

It's funny how much love and support is out there in the plus community, when it's coming from those outside of the people who are perusing similar goals that of yourself. I'll be honest, when I came into this, I came into it with a bit of naivete. I just thought that amongst the sea of "misfits" we would all be able to ban together and uplift each other. I wasn't entirely wrong, but I wasn't exactly right either. As a curvy, voluptuous, full-figured, plus size, fat (whatever you wanna call me) woman, my image is what makes up a large demographic of what not only this country is jam packed with...but what other countries find to be physically attractive. And even with that being a fact, that is not what's portrayed in the media....this isn't news...we all should know this by now....it's 2015.

And even though we really gained traction in 2013, kicking in the door waving the four four (Biggie reference), we have miles ahead of us not only as it pertains to mainstreaming the thicker woman, but making the plus-centric industry more inclusive to not only the mass market...but to our very own. Brands, designers, organizations...you name it; they've all been instrumental in the perpetuation of this culture of "better than" and the culture of exclusion. 

We've adopted the "mean girls" attitude (right along with the rest of society) that we've fought against throughout our lives trying to prove our worth to not only ourselves...but to others, and now it's a culture growing rampant amongst our own community. This shit is counterproductive as all hell and I for one am tired of it, because honey we all deserve some shine, we all have worth, we're all stars. 

Which brings me to my next topic, becoming a "STAR" and chasing that fame demon. Don't get caught up in seeing your name in lights, especially if it's at the cost of loosing who you are and what you believe in.  So much of the time we place our value on what others think and feel, it's hard to not do this but we must get out of this habit. People will move in and out of your lives and in the end you will be left with you, your truths, and your  sentiments. Work on building those up so that there's a strong foundation standing once that tsunami that is life and people finish crashing down on you (which trust me they will). Keep pushing forward, find your purpose, and fulfill it. This is easier said than done (as I always say) it's something I struggle with daily...but it doesn't make it any less true and important.

And though it's of the utmost importance to put stock in self worth  instead of chasing after the opinions of others and their trivial validations....doesn't make success and the role people play in that success any less important either. Relationships are essential, and though you are responsible for your own being....this does not absolve people from their duties as a human being on this planet, and how they treat one another. You are NOT alone on this planet, and how you treat people matters. No matter how "put together", how"ZEN", or how "UN-BOTHERED" they may be or seem; we are all but humans with real human emotions and weaknesses. Hurt....well... hurts, remember that. 

On to the fashion!

My style seriously is a mix of so many things, but at the core of it all....you'll definitely find something studded or spiked, something skull-ed, or just something plain ole rebellious (whether it be color combo, print combo, or even if it's my personality I choose to wear as my accessory, etc...). It's just first nature to me to have my middle finger raised, and if I'm being fancy...I throw in a raised pinky in the air too...because i'm classy. Even when it seems like I may be playing it safe, (trust me it's like a game of where is waldo) just look a little harder and you'll find my act of defiance. Don't get me wrong, I like things to make sense, I like structure, and some semblance of order...but it's under my reign. I make the rules. (We are mostly talking about fashion here...*smirk emoji*)

In this outfit I decided to rock my beloved cobalt blue moto jacket from Forever21, it has leatherette paneling....need I say more about that...? I threw it over this semi-modified Fake Socialite Of NYC Tee from Curtis Bryant (Interview HERE), it was suiting for the theme of this post and what's been weighing heavy on Le Mind.  I paired it with my newest loves that were gifted to me by my main BISH, they're these fly charcoal moto jeans from Target...LIFE! I popped on my obvious and apparent-winter-wears with everything-in every damn post it seems-has the least amount of "slip and fall, and can't get up"-tall boots; and I finished the look off with a skull-print face cover (that not only protects you from this offensive weather...but looks incredibly BOSS) and my ever fave wrap-around bracelet. 

Join me in me in my hair flip, and prepare yourself for my video below of some supreme headbanging.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Face Mask (Gifted) 
  2. Jacket from Forever21.com. $34.80 (???)
  3. T-Shirt from FSNYC.bigcartel.com. $25 (Gifted)
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Grey Moto-Jeans from Target. $35 (Gifted & currently on sale)
  6. Black Tall Boots from Avenue.com. $33.60 (On Sale)

Where is the head banging emoji when you need it?


by Jamila Pierre

Let me first say that this isn't a new concept, but as self affirmations go, it needs to be said as much as possible...everyday if necessary.

I do what feels right, I do what makes me happy, I am the CEO of I do what I want industries **coining it...just saying**. 

There will always be hoards of people ready and willing to make you feel as though you need to fit some prototype of what they think a person should look like; how we should act, what we should like, who we should love, who we should be, etc... NO! We were uniquely made to be the boss of our own existence and to live our lives to our own unique standards, not to the standards of others. 

All I'm saying is that in a world where...let's just call them "Nouns" (people, places, and things), try to consistently box you in, make you play nice, make you fit some mass produced mold  so that you can be apart of the herd....I'm encouraging you to not become the sheep.

Step into the light, dance with the wolf, speak up, live out loud, keep your head up, be yourself, take a leap into the direction of not so much selfishness but self preservation, and PROTECT YOUR MAGICK!

It is absolutely possible to be a self- preservationist and be selfless, it's about balance and it's entirely feasible, just make sure you're not compromising you and who you are in the process.

Remember to never let anyone use you as a stepping stool, and that  it's always OK to reach out your hand to pull someone up...but only if you've built up enough strength to do so. What I mean by that is this; if you haven't the means...or haven't built up your own (mental, physical, financial, spiritual, etc...) strength to the point of being able to successfully pull someone up without potentially falling back down with them.... you're doing no one any justice. With that said, it's up to you to determine how much "strength" is needed to carry out the task and if in fact you have enough of it.

DON'T let people shame you into living a life that isn't of your own. More and more people are getting comfortable with the idea that they "own" you (to the point where it's culture...where it's customary). That they can just shame you into being their personal dancing puppet...NO!

DON'T be anyone's dancing puppet! 

Nowadays more than ever, because of media and the growth of social media and how people have an even deeper look into people's personal lives, there's literally a SHAME for everything! And if you get caught up in the "shame web"...you'll find yourself demoted from CEO of doing what you want to data entry clerk of IDWIW industries, to just straight unemployed....don't become unemployed in your own life. DON'T let anyone outside of yourself run it.  

At the end of the day you have to do what you need to do for you. You have to be the CEO of doing what you want in life, easier said than done I know...but as long as you're alive on this planet there's nothing more important to attain and live by.

Plus Size Valentines Day Outfit

On to the fashion!

I'm a huge fan of the "black, red, and white" combo, and if you've followed my blog for a while you would've seen evidence of that fact. I am seriously in love with these pants from Forever21  because they are you're quintessential red statement pants, but they're far from one dimensional. I do fancy a good pair of colored bottoms but when there is a subtle print to them it just makes it all the more interesting, and fun. Sometimes a printed bottom can come across juvenile (honestly if i'm in the mood for that I will just roll with it...but in this outfit I wasn't), so in order to class it up a bit I popped on my black Pointed toe pumps, and my white fitted knit blazer...because I'm a CEO....of course....

And to dial down the stuffy,  I decided to go with a lazer-cut leatherette top and my "Ballin'" chain-necklace. For the final touches, I sealed everything in with a red lip...like a Bause.

Plus size monochrome

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Blazer from Target.com. $34.99
  2. Necklace from wholesale district. $5
  3. Laser-cut leatherette top from Forever21.com. $19.80
  4. Bracelet from Burlinton Coat Factory. $7
  5. Polkadot pants jeans from Forever21.com. $24.90
  6. Studded-heel pumps from Marshalls. $29.99