Afropunk Fest 2014.

by Jamila Pierre

I recently did a photo shoot with (as a model) with photographer Rochelle Brock of, for AFROPUNK FEST 2014. It was strange for me to be in front of the camera in that capacity but the experience was fun overall. 

A few weeks later, B. Hawk Snipe of, invited me to the AfroPunk Festival to see my images hung up in a mini gallery, of course I was excited to go, and of course I invited my fellow creative and friend, Angelica Vanessa.  Bellow are images of what we wore, and what we saw.

I decided that I wanted to go with a denim on denim look and paired it with taupe boots and a taupe flowy vest, I also wore brassy jewels and a taupe bag with gold details to anchor the look. I wanted to be the triple C's (Comfy, Casual, Cute), as I was going to be walking around quite a bit.

What I wore:

  1. 3 Necklaces: Forever21, Wholesale district, Streetfair. $5-$10
  2. Vest from H&M. $10
  3. Denim Top from $30 ( was $54, marked to $37, then coupon'ed to $30)
  4. Jeans from V.I.M. $12
  5. Boots from the late great $20

And here's the one and only Angelica Vanessa, rockin' a phenomenal color palette. 

What She Wore:

  1. Necklaces from Street fairs. $3-$7
  2. Kimono from Marshalls. $19.99
  3. Top from Marshalls. $12
  4. Jeans from V.I.M. $13
  5. Boots from Macys. $50

Some of the lovely folks I deemed to have amazing style, they actually stood out in a crowd of people doing their best to do the same. 

And of course the jewels were amazing, I would wear pretty much everything. I will do a more in-depth post on about theses bad boys right here.

And last but not least, I came upon artists (Mighty_Math)  and Stephanie Anderson with some amazing work showcased, to which i'll be in contact with to feature on the blog soon enough. 

By the end of the day I was exhausted, but all in all I had fun with mi amigo, and was delighted by all the eye candy (People, Jewels, and Art).