New York.

by Jamila Pierre

Oh New York, my love-hate relationship with you is incredible.

From the dirty streets, random foul smells, and random crazy people; to the ease of having an adventure and being able to eat from a multitude of countries all in one tiny yet equally large city. The melody of cultures, food, fun, and adventure, are just enough to keep you intrigued.

I won't bore you with all the pros and cons of this city,  I will however, say that as much as I want a multitude of things to get better, there is no place like home.


As for this top...? I saw it's skinny cousin in Rainbow, in a size extra large (surprisingly), and almost bought that sucker. I brought it to the fitting-room, tried it on, and that plan went right out the window. I was disappointed but with all the other great finds I had found in the Plus section, I just cut my losses.

Months later I went on my usual online window shopping extravaganza  and there it was (IN PLUS SIZE!!!), it was kismet.

Now it was just a matter of what color to get it in.

This top is obviously everything, and for a person who generally despises anything "NEW YORK TOURIST" (Which includes all New York paraphernalia), This top was just such a refreshing edgy take on something so obnoxious (the bad kind...not the good kind).

The leather sleeves go so perfectly with my Forever21 leatherette shorts and I felt I could pair it with none other than my studded-heel pumps. If you want to see the details of the pumps, click {HERE}.

What I'm wearing:

  1. Top from Rainbow. $15
  2. Shorts from $20
  3. Studded heels from Marshalls. $30