Jamila The Photographer!

by Jamila Pierre

I  am a very passionate, fiery, and creative person, who wants nothing more than for people to really appreciate what it is I offer. I want to be able to express myself freely and creatively through the use of as many mediums as possible, thus the blog. I've also come to realize that being that kind of person come with a heap of problems because I often don't feel like I have enough time on this planet to do it all, and that tends to frustrate me. I'm a writer and a photographer it seems by nature, but  I want so much more, I want to also be a stylist, designer, makeup artist, editor, and I want to own my own magazine. Maybe I'll have many lives after this and one by one I can conquer it all, but for now I'll stick to what speaks to me most. Below are some of my works that have been published and/or are featured on my photography website www.Truthboxphotography.com. I would truly appreciate you taking the time out to visit my site and even possibly leaving your feedback here on this blog post.

Height Magazine
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg