by Jamila Pierre

If you haven't gathered yet, I am quite fond of mixing it up. I am far too complex of a person to not express all my many facets and put them on display. I feel as though my creativity tries to break free of this shell of a body and existence. I can almost physically feel it coming to a head and needing to burst out of me. Not exploring those different sides of me only helps in stifling myself in ways I just can't get behind. So this is me, a mixed bag of artistic expression, a person who thrives and leans on juxtaposition as though it were life or death. 


I had a conversation (one of many) with a newly expanded upon friend(ship); we spoke of everything under the sun (those are my favorite types of relationships), and I explained how my mind works. After the explanation she called me a contrarian. Of all of the words I've heard and worked with throughout life.....this was the first I was hearing of this word. I asked her to elaborate. She explained it as a someone who MUST go against the grain. The dictionary explains it as a person opposing or rejecting popular opinion; going against current practice. That couldn't be more accurate.

This outfit was born from that. When Ashley Nell Tipton came out with the white studded floral print moto jacket (for JCPenny Boutique), I saw many  bloggers pair it with the pink lace dress that said designer also designed. It was an awesome pairing, logically sound....but...I wanted to do something different. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to concoct a print cocktail. 

The first jacket is a sheer bomber with the same coloring and print as the leather moto but it gives a slightly different vibe. I wanted to show a way to mix things up AND demonstrate how by merely changing the material and structure of a piece; it really does change  its already existing and beautiful vibration.

I threw on a studded belt with the bomber to break up the print of the dress and didn't with the moto because the leather jacket already had enough stud. The look with the bomber jacket gave me some 80's T's; with the inclusion of the heart-shaped glasses. When I took off the belt and the shades and replaced it all with the leather moto, I immediately and effortlessly gave femme with edge. The best part about it all...? I can give similar looks almost all year if I wanted; the first look obviously being Spring/ Summer and the second look being Fall/Winter. I'm not sue if that was Ms. Tipton's intention when it came to what pieces to include in the collection; ten gold stars for her if it was.

The dress is an oldie but a goody that I got from Wetseal when it still had an online presence. With the size of the print and the color palette next to the floral with its particular color scheme, these pieces were pretty much kismet. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Headband with bow from Forever21. $3.90
  2. Necklace from Forever21. $6
  3. Floral print moto jacket from Ashley Niltipton via $36.99 (On Sale)
  4. Floral print  bomber jacket from Ashley Niltipton via $24.99 (On sale)
  5. Dress from the late great $36.90 (On sale...wetseal no longer exists online)
  6. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  7. Belt was borrowed from a friend. $Free dollars free cents (similar HERE, and HERE)
  8. Booties from Mandee to the rescue. $15 (On sale and no longer avail., similar HERE)


by Jamila Pierre

If you’re going through hell, keep going.
— Winston Churchill

Glow baby, GLOW!

There's no shortage of people who will attempt to steal your shine. They will attempt and some will actually be successful, but I say FUCK em'. 

There's only so much you can do to please people and so much you can ask of people. And, no matter how much people try and tear you down or disrespect you, you've gotta make sure they get a healthy dose of the dust you leave them in.

You've gotta be true to you, you've gotta believe in you're own magic. No, I'm not trying to be motivational or hype you, I'm not really that kind of girl. What I am doing is letting you know the facts of the matter.

It's perfectly OK to let people in, but be wise. And it's perfectly OK to cut people off from your particular brand of awesome AF, because you are awesome. Everyone is the shit. Whether you know it or understand it, and whether someone just doesn't mix well with your brand of awesome AF is always to be discovered; once you figure it out....act accordingly. 

I know my worth, do you? Don't be afraid to charge people exactly what you're worth, if they can't afford says nothing about you or your product. They can either save up for you, pay what you're asking, or move on to find someone they can afford. 

You just gotta keep glowing baybay, be the opulet being you are. 

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
— Winston Churchill

By no means do I think that you should be you in ways that deliberately hurt others, or that change and progression isn't good, but remember what it costs to conform when it really does no one any justice. Don't be selfish but don't be entirely selfless either.  

In the recent months (let alone weeks) I've reeeeeaaaally been coming face to face with all of these things. I'd like to think I'm quite self-aware, I also believe in regular self-reflection and check-ins, you gotta know (or get to know) you're weaknesses; why you get angry, what it all means, what you want out of life, how you plan to make it happen, when you're making mountains outta mole hills, when to let go, when to sink your claws and teeth deep down into it; your whole life will be a series of this. Work on perfecting it. No, there's no such thing as perfect but there's no reason you shouldn't strive and hone. 

As for my outfit, what could convey opulence more than this sequin white iridescent sorcery. There was nothing I wanted to pair it with more than my holo-sexellent kicks. Then I I realized that the only thing left to do was to add in the juxtaposition flare I should sincerely be know for by now. Soooooo...... in came my Rebel Wilson moto leggings and my Grave Digger skull bag from Killstar.

Nothing says hard and soft like skulls and sequins.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from$14.90 (2 for $10)
  2. Jacket from $20 (On Sale, no longer available, alternative HERE)
  3. Tank from $14.90
  4. Moto leggings from the Rebel Wilson Collection for Torrid. $20 (On sale, no longer available)
  5. Sneakers from $15 (On sale, no longer available, alternative HEREHERE)
  6. Bag from $45 (On sale)