Pink Zebra.

by Jamila Pierre

So, does casual Friday have to look drab, do people still expect you to come to work in a dark -wash pair of fitted jeans and a plain blouse, or plain button-down? Don't get me wrong, i'm not knocking it, that look can be done oh so right...but sometimes.....

So I decided to do a take on casual Friday, the idea of a jean-day, and take it as an opportunity to be bold.



Some may look at this and not get it, some may say aloud "Not me", but trust me, give it some time and it shall all be clear. 

You see, I have a not so secret love affair with mixing prints and I figured, why not take the opportunity to don the unexpected during the time where most people would lean on the basics. 

I mixed this zebra print top with an Ikat print bottom because oddly enough the prints (at least for this top and bottom in particular) are quite similar. The fact that the print for the pant is monochromatic, allows me to have an option of two or more colors on top, and what better combo is there than black, pink, and white? 

Don't answer that...I have many fave color combos as well, but for the sake of this post....let us just focus on this one. 

I wore a black cami and kitten heels to tie in the black in the top, and to anchor the overall look. 

I also bore some ankle for an understated sexy.

  1. Button-down from sears. $17
  2. Black tank from Oldnavy. $7
  3. Pants from $9
  4. Kitten Heels from $24.80
  5. Necklace from the Burlington coat Factory. $6