Collegiate Chic.

by Jamila Pierre

If you were paying attention to my last post it almost seems pointless to reiterate my undying love for this style during the cooler months of the year....but I'll do it anyway for those who may have missed it or have just tuned in.

I'm not really one for trends, the idea of following anything gives me hives to be frank...but I can appreciate the reference point that trends create. I can also appreciate the fact that if there so happens to be a trend that touches upon notes you actually fancy....the market becomes extremely saturated with it, so now you'll be able to find it everywhere. 

I think the things I hate most about "trends" is that thin (almost invisible) line of over-saturation (like a radio station that only plays the same five songs for three months straight), and most importantly and most disturbingly, the idea of some person in some watchtower...trying to tell me or anyone for that matter....what they should buy, wear, feel, think, like, be, etc...

I DO WHAT I WANT! You should do what you want as well, I'm only here to act as a baseline...a means of inspiration.


So this whole "Collegiate Chic" is a definite go to in the cooler months for me because it combines fashion and function so effortlessly. It's like; layers (CHECK!), comfort (CHECK!), fabulosity (CHECK!).

I paired this sweater and collared button-up number, with seriously one of the best pair of leggings I've owned. They too fit the bill of fashion and function, they're supremely comfortable, they suck in all your jiggly bits, and they have fancy little touches that add all sorts of interest. These are not your ordinary leggings, LOVE THEM!

I Threw on some tall boots and my statement accessories, and BOOM...I'm ready to go.

Don't even get me started on this lip color I'm rockin', talk about new obsession.

Of course I had to show you guys the side action, just look at that quilted faux leather tuxedo strip that kicks these leggings up a notch...or two...or a THOUSAND!

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Lips are Velvetine in Utopia  from $20 (Gifted)
  2. Sweater from Target. $14 (On sale)
  3. Sheer fuchsia pink collared button down from $17
  4. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $15 (Gifted)
  5. Leggings from $19.80
  6. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  7. Ring from some random streetfair in SoHo. $2
  8. Boots from $33.60 (On Sale)