Out To Sea.

by Jamila Pierre

Today I decided to rock a nautically inspired outfit with an edge. Not everyone may agree with the idea of a high-waisted skirt,  but I happen to love high-waisted skirts. I think that depending on your shape and the cut of the skirt you could have yourself a very flattering silhouette. I might go into body shapes and clothing in another post soon, but I must let you know that I am an avid rule breaker when it comes to style, so take what I tell you in that blog post as just a guide to help you in determining what would best work for you, not as a rigid requirement for looking good.

So here I paired this most amazing casual skirt, which is a perfect mesh of fashion and function due to the pockets, and a beautiful striped top with embellished shoulders. Of course I have on my favorite tall boots and as an added touch of Jamila, I tied it all together with my gun belt. This outfit to me says feminine with a sprinkle of KICK ASS.

I also paired this outfit with two different necklaces because I wasn't sure if I wanted to present my self as a a more delicate form of myself, or a more fun vibrant form of myself. Then again with a belt like the one I am donning here...I don't think it matters, it all just kind of says I may be cute but I will roundhouse you if I need to.

Here I'm Wearing: 

  1. Black beanie made by a friend. $0 (Gifted) 
  2. Olive striped top with sequence embellished shoulders, from Old Navy. $15
  3. Skirt from Conway. $7  
  4. Black leggings from Rainbow. $7
  5. Tan tall boots from Forever21. $26
  6. Jewelry from Burlington Coat Factory & the Wholesale District. $2-$7
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg