Blue Velvet.

by Jamila Pierre

Truth moment: 

I by no means need any more dresses. I have a million of them and to be honest,  that figure might not be far  from the truth though I may be over exaggerating.

But.... when I saw this obvious brother from another mother, to my sleeveless red and white version, I was I mean who wouldn't want a fall/winter friendly monochromatic version of that red and white dress (HERE)? I initially was going to don this dress during my trip to Boston, but I ended up spending most of my time in the hotel room. The best part of this dress (aside from it's fabulous color and 3/4 inch sleeves) is that it is form fitting without being tight at all, SCORE!

I decided to pair it with my ridiculously oversized chain necklace and my most favorite, and most comfy, kitten heels... EVER.

And now, I am ready for a night out with my hunny bun.

What I'm Wearing: 

  1. Necklace from AFAZE. (3 for $10 sale)
  2. Dress from $27.80
  3. Heels From $29.99 (on sale from $80)

High Waisted.

by Jamila Pierre

My first pair of intentionally high-waisted jeans and I'm in love. Back in the back back days, Plus girls all over the world had nothing to choose from when it came to jeans, they flared awkwardly, they came with God awful designs and bedazzle all over them, the back pockets were actually hip pockets, and they had some of the longest zippers known to mankind ("Long Pee Pee Pants" as my friends and I like to call them).

Of all the things wrong with plus size jeans, the one saving grace was the " Long Pee Pee" least it was for me. Most of my friends hated it, and if you're trying to wear a normal top with normal lengths....then I can see why. But me? I actually used that long ass zipper to my advantage. 

I didn't wear supportive undergarments back then, a tradition I still participate in to this day to which i'm slowly starting to change because I need to control all this jelly. Those jeans did the job of some of the best girdles out there and I was grateful to have that denim wrapped around my gut, holding me in, providing me with security, whether it was a false sense of it or not, as long as I was smooth under my shirts...I was set.

Those high-waists were unintentional, I appreciated it non the less, and now that we finally have some intentionally high-wiasted options, a girl like me is jumping for joy. 

These pant right here aren't particularly tight up top, so the control factor isn't as intense as some of it's relatives, but I love them none the less, so much so that I purchased like three pairs of them.  As far as Plus is concerned, we've come a long way in the pants/jeans department, and I hope it only gets better.

In light of my denim top obsession, I paired these jeans with my floral-printed denim button-down from I tucked in the front somewhat haphazardly to give it an extra dose of casual, and for that extra POP (because you know I can't go without making a statement...even if it's a small one), I threw on my life shoes.


 And for shits and giggles, I decided to try tying the top up and revealing a little skin (don't mind the mean mug, I was obviously taking myself too seriously). 


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Top from $19.99 (On sale from $54)
  2. Necklace from Forever21. $5.80
  3. Jeans from $17.80
  4. Shoes from $29.99